BOOK REVIEW: City of Glass (Mortal Instruments #3)

TITLE: City of GlassImage result for city of glass
AUTHOR: Cassandra Clare
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Clary and the other Shadowhunters go to Idris for a final showdown with the evil Valentine (sort of).

The first thing I have to say is that out of the three Mortal Instrument that I’ve read so far, City of Glass is the best. I definitely loved it a lot more. You can tell Clare’s writing has improved, which is one of the issues I had with her writing before and I still really liked the way she jumps from scene to scene leaving you intrigued.

What I loved most about this instalment is that we got to see Idris, at last! It had been so hyped and talked about that I wanted to see it myself along with Clary, and I finally did. It’s a nice change for a setting because frankly, I was getting tired of that institute and New York. It adds to this amazing world Clare has created and makes it real. I don’t know why but this book gave me more WTF moments than the last two books starting from the moment got to Idris to the ending scene. However, I will say that some of it was a bit too cliché for me. I’ll explain in the spoiler section.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but, I love the world Clare created with the Mortal Instruments. It mixes the supernatural in such a normal setting, in a way that it’s refreshing. It’s not like Vampire Diaries where the only creatures that seem to exist are vampires and two werewolves and the one witch, or Twilight where only vampires and fake werewolves exist, in TMI we get to see a variety of creatures and demons and downworlders and humans all interacting all the time! In that way it’s a relief and continues to remind me of Buffy. Maybe it’s because I’m tire of only vampires. One of my favorite scenes from City of Bones is when Jace brings Clary to this downworlder restaurant and she sees a bunch of different downworlders hanging out there like it’s normal, and the menu reflects that. But, I digress.

Although, I enjoyed the book overall, I still can’t help but have a couple of problems with it. For example the explanation for EVERYTHING almost felt like an information dump, for me, it was too much to take in all at once. Then again, that must be the way Clary felt when her mother was explaining it all. I also hated the ending scene with Valentine, Clary, and Jace. If you’re not afraid of spoilers keep reading.

But overall I really liked the book and I think it’s my favorite so far. I’m definitely hooked now and I will start reading the following books as soon as I have some time.






If I had read this back when it was brand new I wouldn’t hate the ending scenes because back then I wouldn’t know there would be more books. With that said, knowing that there are more books in the series, sort of ruins the experience for me. It’s like reading Harry Potter after watching the movies, you know he’s not going to die so the emotions aren’t as strong as they could be if you followed the books from the beginning. That’s why Jace’s “death scene” wasn’t surprising, and Clary asking the Angel to bring him back to life was so cliché. I’ve seen that sort of resurrection thing happen in every fantasy series (with the exception of Twilight, sort of), and that’s not a lot.

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