2016 March Reads

I don’t know about you but March was an interesting month for me. I’ll admit I didn’t read much, but I did try my best. This month I read a whopping number of two books. Yeah, not much, but like I said, #ReadingSlump. Initially I started reading Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future by A.S. King and found it pretty depressing, definitely not what I needed at the time. Then I got into a reading slump for a while until I remembered I had three unread Colleen Hoover books sitting on my shelf. That’s when my reading buzz kicked in again. I read Confess and loved it so much I’m planning on listening to the audiobook just after reading it. I also read Hopeless and soon found myself reading more than just “light book”. Yup, Hopeless nearly killed me with its feels so stay on the lookout for its review.

If you’re in a reading slump read Colleen Hoover’s books, they are amazing! I’m definitely looking forward to reading November 9 and of course buying more of her books. Actually, I already did that. This month I bought Losing Hope which is the companion novel to Hopeless told from Dean Holder’s point of view. I also just bought Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Speaking of George Orwell, I think I’m finally ready to rate 1984. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. After reading it months ago I still can’t stop thinking about it. I still find myself thinking about the world and real life parallels which I just find completely shocking. It’s also the reason why I bought Animal Farm this month, because I figured if 1984 was so good, Animal Farm should be just as good too.

Yup, you can add this one to the ever growing and ever diminishing TBR pile, I call bookshelf. So, what have you been reading?

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