9 Very Good Reasons to Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra

One of favorite shows in the world and all time is Avatar. No, not the James Cameron blue rat people avatars, but Nickelodeon’s Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. It’s absolutely amazing! And before anyone says anything, yes it’s animated, and no it’s not a kids show.

It’s Not a Kids Slegend-of-korra-wallpaper-for-desktophow: Like I said before, yes it’s animated, no it’s not a kids show. It is so different from kids show in that it has very adult themes as part of the story. It talks about war, genocide, child abuse, brutal death scenes among other things. It’s one of those shows where kids can watch it and understand it, but adults will also be intrigued by the story and understand certain things kids won’t. In this aspect, Avatar is a very smart show because it appeals to everyone.

The World Building: The world where the story takes place is amazing. From the fighting styles and the bending which is very beautiful, to the beautiful scenery all of over this imaginary world. One of my favorite parts of the show is the animals you will encounter watching the show. None of the animals are real, instead they are all hybrids of different combinations; Platypus-Bear, Buzzard-Wasp, Polar Bear-Dog, Turtle-Duck (the name of my blog), and so on. The imagination Bryke had for this show is seen in every single episode.

The Fantasy Aspect: This part of the show I like to compare it to compare it to Game of Thrones and their world. Both have dragons and some magical elements that don’t belong to our world, but the fantasy doesn’t overwhelm the actual story. It’s not like in Harry Potter or Vampire Diaries where part of the world is hidden from the muggles, everyone in Avatar is aware of bending or “magic.”  The character’s problems won’t be resolved by magic, most of the time they have to find a normal solutions to it. The wars fought in the series won’t be resolved by some voodoo magical witch.

Continuation and Consequences: One of my favorite things about this show is that although it’s animated, it acts like a live action show. If a character gets hurt in one episode you will see that they are still hurt in the following episode. It’s not like Northern_Air_Temple_in_171_AG.pngSpongeBob where there’s a reset button and everything is magically okay the following episode.

The Comedy: Whenever I re-watch this show I’m always surprised by how funny it is. I’m even more surprised when they laugh at themselves. And here is a little spoiler: there’s a whole episode parodying itself and it’s the best thing in the world.

Badass Women: In this action packed fantasy world, the women don’t lag behind the men. If anything they are on par with the male characters and sometimes even surpass them in power. In this world it’s common for the villains to be either girls or boys, it’s common to see female or male rulers, it’s common and it’s accepted and there is no question about it. It just is and it’s awesome.

Diversity, diversity, and more diversity: If there is one thing this show has is f&%$-ing diversity. There are people of every color of the rainbow. There are people who are blind or have missing limbs, and neither of these things matter because they keep kicking ass. There are people kicking ass at any age. And again it’s awesome.

Characters are like cabbages, they have layers: The characters are not so black and white. Some of them are immensely complex and go through their own personal journeys. Good guys go through it and bad guys go through it too. It’s the classic but complex story of bad guys turning good, and good people turning bad (a few… okay 1 person, sort of… but still!)

It’s a world of puns: Once you finish the series you will find yourself with a world of puns and inside jokes. For example; cabbages, hope, honor and tea.

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