BOOK REVIEW: Too Late by Colleen Hoover

Image result for too late by colleen hooverTITLE: Too Late
AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
RATING: 3.5/5
TWO SENTENCE SUMMARY: The story follows Sloan who is in an abusive relationship with Asa for the sake of her handicapped brother, until secret undercover agent Carter comes into her life to expose Asa’s drug empire.
WARNING: The story does have graphic adult scenes, so if you’re not into that skip this entire story.

One sleepless night as I traveled through the internet I unexpectedly but happily found Colleen Hoover on Wattpad, where I found this little gem called Too Late aimed for mature audiences. If you’ve seen my last few posts then you know I’ve been obsessing over her novels ever since I read Ugly Love. Needless, to say I devoured this story like it was chocolate cake. Also, it didn’t help me with my insomnia as I went to sleep at 4 AM that night… or morning, you choose.

I loved it. Go read it now!

I loved Carter / Luke and Sloan (although she cried so much it was almost annoying, but how can I tell her to toughen up when she has to go through so much on a daily basis?) What I loved about this was the very complicated relationships between the three of them. We have Carter who is undercover trying to take down Asa and falling hard and fast for Sloan even though he shouldn’t. We have Sloan who’s been in an abusive relationship for the sake of her brother but also finding good wholesome healthy love with Carter. Then there’s paranoid Asa who likes his world the way it is and wants to keep it that way.

I loved seeing how different these characters are through each of their perspectives. Although I hated Asa and his way of thinking I liked reading his perspective because it shined a light on his god-awful thought process. I have a thing (not attraction) for psychotic bad guys and Asa doesn’t disappoint. Again, I hate him, but I love to hate him. In the end I did feel sorry for him because it’s evident he’s only acting this way because of his upbringing and his debilitating mental state.

I should warn you that this story has a lot of explicit, violent, sex scenes. Some of which are just disgusting and nothing like the steamy scenes in Ugly Love.

As for the ending, I just want more!

P.S. As I read this I couldn’t help but think of Lana Del Rey songs.

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