3 Very Good Reasons to Watch Ouran High School Host Club

Quick Summary: When honor student, Haruhi, stumbles in on the school’s Host Club and breaks a very expensive vase she is then forced to work with them to repay them.  “The Ouran Host Club is where the schools handsomest boys with too much time on their hands, entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.” And yes that is a direct line from the show. And yes, Haruhi is a girl and still forced to work as boy to repay this prestigious club.

Gender Norms? Out the Window: Girls dress like boys and boys dress like girls. No one is super offended by it. Some people even fawn over it. There’s a transgender character and people accept it, no questions asked. There is no real questioning about any of it and it’s weird at first BUT it’s absolutely perfect.

It’s Absolutely Ridiculous and They Know It: The best part of this entire show is how self-aware they are of their own ridiculousness. Whoever created this masterpiece knew how absurd these characters are and they make sure to point it out to you. It’s part of the comedy.

Peel Away the Onions and You Will Cry: As shallow and weird as some of these characters appear to be, there is more than meets the eye. All of them have unexpected and surprising backstories. The least qualified person suddenly becomes a terrifying martial artist. The person who looks like they have their stuff together suddenly doesn’t. Yup, just peel one layer at a time and you will find real honest characters who are only attempting to hide their major flaws.

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