BOOK REVIEW – Fables: Animal Farm(Volume 2)

TITLE: Fables: Animal Farm (Volume 2)
AUTHOR: Bill Willingham
ILLUSTRATOR: Mark Buckingham,  Steve Leialoha and James Jean
ONE SENTENCE  SUMMARY: In this Volume of the Fables, Snow White and Rose Red go to Fables Farm for some sister quality time, but instead find themselves in the midst of a revolution.

It’s as if George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Once Upon a Time had a baby, and I loved every bit of it.

The start of this volume was slow at first as Snow White and Rose Red head up to the farm, but I didn’t mind it. The slow beginning gives way to the setup of the rest of the story. But, again I think it has to do with my love for George Orwell because I was instantly intrigued by the volume’s title, and then seeing the pigs acting suspicious in the beginning kept me on my toes. The surprise comes in the second part of the story when the true revolutionary is revealed, which I really liked knowing it wasn’t one of the pigs because, I can’t stand pigs, not after Orwell ruined them for me.

Unlike the first volume, I flew through this one in an hour. It has a bit more action and a lot less detective work than the first installment, but it’s still so much better. You also get to see the resolution of the story by the end. In this way, I’m beginning to read the Fables comic volumes as episodes, which I appreciate wholeheartedly.

On another note, I thought it was very clever to have Rose Red become part of the revolution because she’s red… communism’s color is red… get it? It’s very witty and of course it makes sense that it would be her and not Snow White. However, I will say even I was a bit sympathetic to the animals’ cause because it must suck having to live an eternity in the same exact place. Perhaps, they should negotiate with the human fables and see if they can turn them human for a while, in a civilized manner.

The characters continue to surprise me as some of them differ from their original story. This time Goldilocks surprised me because I find her so different from the original story. Speaking of characters, Snow White did disappoint because she had some really dumb moments.

After reading the first two volumes, I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the Fables. From now on I will be making mini-reviews for each volume every five volumes that I read, and make a full review for any new comics that I read. Unless, a particular volume is too awesome that it demands a full review.

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