Tome Topple Challenge Wrap Up

I would like to preface this by saying, that perhaps it was not the best time for me to do a challenge. I had school reading and of course Orange is the New Black season 4 came out this week, so of course I had to put reading aside… sorry.

Day 1
I made a blog post about the challenge, but I didn’t actually read anything today.

Day 2
Frankly, I haven’t even picked up any of the books I had for my TBR challenge. I did however, pick up Beloved by Toni Morrison and I’m 86 pages in. I also re-read a short story, “Story of a Parrot” by Ana Menendez. Do I get points for that?

Day 3
So still haven’t read the book, but I did read close to 40 pages of Beloved *hopeful awkward smile*. I’m reading it for school, and even though I’m enjoying it, by the time I’m done with the day’s chapters I just don’t want to read anymore. I’m beginning to question why I even decided to do this challenge. Since graphic novels sort of count, hopefully tomorrow I will continue with Saga Volume 2.

Day 4
Initially I didn’t read a single page of my intended tome today. Instead I read a couple of chapters of Beloved and I even picked up more graphic novels from the library. Then at midnight I felt bad about not doing anything for this challenge that I read the first chapter of Anna Karenina. That’s a whole three pages of it’s 817 pages. From now on, I will try to read a chapter at least every day until the end of the challenge.
Pages Read Today: 3
Total of Pages Read: 3

Day 5
So I read one more chapter, which brings me to 10 pages. I call that progress. I also read W.I.T.C.H.: Between Light and Dark (The 4th Volume) and started on the so called 5th volume of these graphic novels. And now before I go to sleep I’m going to try to read Beloved because you know… school.
Pages Read Today: 7
Total of Pages Read: 10

Day 6
Two things. One, I didn’t read enough Beloved yesterday (I self-assigned a number of pages to read, to be on schedule), so I had to make up for it by finishing yesterday’s reading and today’s. Therefore, I spent most of the reading that book.

Two, because I’ve been reading Beloved by Toni Morrison, an amazing story about slavery, it doesn’t make me want to read Anna Karenina right after. Tolstoy’s book delves into Russia’s pre-revolution history with weird Russian names, and it’s not exactly the light hearted read I need after reading about ex-slaves. Needless to say, I much rather pick up W.I.T.C.H.: Legends Revealed (the 5th volume, if you can call it a volume). The good news is that I’m almost done with Beloved, which will leave me with enough room to reas as much of Anna Karenina as I can for the rest of the challenge.
Pages Read Today: 0.1
Total of Pages Read: 10

Day 7
Today, I didn’t read anything from Anna Karenina and I read some Beloved, which I expect to finish tomorrow hopefully.

Day 8
Good news! I finished Beloved by Toni Morrison, finished the W.I.T.C.H. graphic novels, and I even wrote the review for it. Bad news, I read 0 pages of Anna Karenina. Hopefully, I will have time tomorrow and read some of it. So far, this challenge is nothing like I expected.

Day 9
I didn’t read anything today. I need a teeny break from it.

Day 10
So I read 17 pages today, and considering everything, I call this an accomplishment. I was afraid I was not going to understand anything and so far, that’s not a problem. The Russian names are hard to pronounce because I don’t know Russian. I know maybe one or two words in Russian, and they’re not helpful (school, dog, and prostitute).
Pages read today: 17
Total pages read today: 27

Day 11
I suck.

Day 12
I blame my phone. I have spent the day playing games on my phone. BUT! I did read 10 pages… and then I got distracted.
Pages read today: 10
Total pages read today: 37

Day 13
I didn’t even try this day. I just read American Born Chinese, a graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang. Tomorrow, I don’t expect to read much, if any, because it’s Father’s Day and we’re having a party.

Day 14
Today is Father’s Day and we’re having a party / BBQ of sorts. Will I read today? Probably not.

Update: I read half of Fables Volume 3, but 0 pages of Anna Karenina
Total pages read: a very disappointing 37 pages of 817 pages from Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

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