News, Update & Giveaway

As soon as I made my last post, a couple of new things came up. Today’s blog comes in three parts.

PART 1 – Instagram News


This is Nina, my pup, who occasionally reads Harry Potter

I finally gave in and decided to join other booklovers on Instagram aka bookstagram. My username is the still the same @readingturtleduck. I’ve never done something like this, so this should be interesting. It will definitely involve some trial and error, so please bear with me.

Part 2: 2016 Bookish Resolutions
As soon as I posted my June update, I went back to see my New Year’s Book Resolutions. Seeing that we’re already halfway through the year, I wanted to see how much have I accomplished. So, let’s find out.

Read Five Classics: Still working on it. I’ve read four classic books so far.

Read All the Books I Bought and Haven’t Read: So not even close. As you probably know, I keep buying books which are added to my growing TBR pile. I have at least 12 unread books at the moment. Am I ashamed? Yes. Will I get to them? I sure hope so.

Re-Read the Hunger Games and Harry Potter: Still working on it. I have read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets but I haven’t picked up book three. As for re-reading the Hunger Games, I’m nowhere near to even picking up the first book.

Complete the Harry Potter Book Collection: I still have half a year to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… right?

Read More Books Than in 2015: For this bookish goal, I had to read 23 books or more. If you count graphic novels, then I have surpassed this goal from infinity and beyond with 35 books read so far and counting. If you don’t count graphic novels, then I still have 5 more novels to read to complete this goal.

So maybe I’m not going to complete all these goals, but at least I’m completing the important ones.

PART 3: Giveaway
Rebbeca Hamilton is hosting a giveaway, and it’s super easy to enter. Check it out because you might get $1,000 gift card from Amazon. CLICK HERE to enter.

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