BOOK REVIEW: Saga (Volumes 2-5)

Saga is for “mature” readers. It does have some explicit content, so beware!

Volume 2
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Alana finally meets her in-laws, meanwhile The Will meets his boss.

QUICK REVIEW: It’s crazy amazing how good this comic is. It has been a couple of weeks since I first read Volume 1, so it surprised me at how funny these characters are despite their horrible circumstances. They have plenty of spunk and personality, even Hazel’s narration is amazing. As my high school English teachers would say, these characters have “voice”, and plenty of it. It’s just amazing. I love the art style, it’s beautiful even when it’s disturbing. I loved seeing Marko’s flashbacks and seeing how he met Alana. Again this story is just so beautiful!

Volume 3
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: The Will is stranded on a planet with his boss and slave girl, while Hazel and her family spend some time with D Oswald Heist.

QUICK REVIEW: Before this volume I hated every time we had to go to The Will’s storyline, I just wasn’t into it. But, between this volume and the last, I’m not complaining anymore. I am actually interested in what he’s up to, which is a surprise because I usually don’t care for the villain’s storylines (of course there are exceptions). Apart from him, I really loved seeing Alana meeting D. Oswald Heist and their geeky meeting, because it was like seeing myself in the mirror. Any book lover will undoubtedly identify with Alana in this chapter. This comic is just amazing and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this intergalactic family.

Volume 4
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Living in a new planet called Gardenia, Marko and Alana’s relationship is put to the test when Alana’s job occupies all her time, leaving Marko to care for Hazel.

QUICK REVIEW: It is still amazing, but this one is not my favorite so far. In this case there was nothing wrong with the story. It’s just something about them fighting  that makes me unhappy. I don’t like some of the decisions the characters made in this volume either. Whereas the other volumes focused on the outside villains trying to hurt them, this volume focuses on their inner struggles as a family. I think I miss the villains. When you have outside forces trying to destroy you, it’s best to stay strong together, and so I hate it whenever they can’t work out their differences. Still a good volume, just not my favorite.

Volume 5
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Marko works with the enemy in order to get back to his family, while Alana tries her best to keep their daughter safe from rebels who will stop at nothing to achieve peace.

QUICK REVIEW: In this volume, the family is thrown again into the action from previous volumes, and I love it. Yes it is distressing, VERY distressing! And although I know Hazel is safe because she’s narrating the story, that doesn’t stop me from being scared for her safety, and the ending didn’t ease my anxiety at all! But I’m not going to talk about that. I will say that whatever happens next will bring the family closer together, especially Marko and Hazel, who will hopefully realize how much they need each other. I am excited to see what the next volume will bring.

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