TITLE: Watchmen
AUTHOR: Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
RATING: 3.5/5
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY:  In a world where everyday citizens become superheroes (or masked adventurers) a sinister plan begins to targeting one by one.

The world of Watchmen is fascinating to me. It takes place in a world where Superman comics exist, and the superheroes are everyday people. They don’t have powers or extra abilities, they rely on their human strength and any other gadgets they have to help them fight crime. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about them, excluding Doc Manhattan (who I sort of have a crush on and don’t know why). There’s something about this that I really enjoyed, maybe because I find it so different from other superhero stories who all seem to have superpowers.

I especially liked seeing that these superheroes are extremely flawed, their means to justice are absolutely questionable, but they do get the job done. One of my favorite parts were the “Under the Hood” memoir chapters, they added an authenticity to this world and insight to what it takes to be a masked avenger in their world. As a person who dislikes superhero movies (and the few that I do are the bad ones Catwomen (2004), Superman Returns (2006)), but I did like the heroes of this story.

The art style is so much better than V for Vendetta. I found it much less confusing and lot more aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, which is always a plus. In this story, I could actually identify the different characters because they didn’t look as generic as they did in V for Vendetta.

I’ve noticed that Moore adds a lot of extra text to his stories which bring insight to the characters and the setting, but I tend to skip it all. When I’m reading comics, I tend to focus more on the action and what’s important rather than all the extra information. I think it would be interesting to go back and read some of articles, but I know myself and probably won’t do that.


It wasn’t love at first sight. I didn’t pick it up and say “I’m going to love you.”  But as I kept reading the more compelled I was by the story, with all the amounting tension I was so excited to see the final showdown. I was so excited to see the final chapter that I was let down by it. I found it very anticlimactic. There was barely any action, and the characters just accepted what’s happened. SPOILER ALERT, but the bad guys sort of win and the heroes sort of lose. It’s definitely a change for once, but I found it so bizarre and not what I was expecting.


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