Mini Reviews: Fables (Vol. 6-9)

Fables: Homelands (Volume 6)
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: As one fables makes a name for himself in Hollywood, another goes back to the Homelands on a mission of a lifetime to rescue his one true love.

QUICK REVIEW: It was so close to being a five out of five, but they keep throwing these stories that are completely unrelated to the story. Jack’s Hollywood story was entertaining and clever, but it felt so out of place with Boy Blue’s journey to the Homelands. I don’t like that and it looks like it’s a running theme with the rest of the volumes. Speaking of Boy Blue, he really surprised me with his kickassery! Who knew he had it in him to rampage through the world until he got what he wanted? I’m impressed with him. I’m also impressed with Prince Charming who is doing a decent job as a mayor. I also can’t believe Gepetto is the evil mastermind in all this, and in it’s own crooked mess it makes sense. Another downside of this volume is the lack of Bigby and Snow, who I didn’t miss as much as I thought I would. At least they were mentioned from time to time.


Fables: Arabian Nights (and Days) [Volume 7]
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: When the Arabian fables come to visit Fabletown, it is up to King Cole to smooth over the negotiations.

QUICK REVIEW: I don’t know how to feel about this volume. I liked it and I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy the resolution of the genie problem because it felt rushed since we didn’t see how or when they tackled that problem. They also continue to put random stories that seem to have nothing to do with the main plot. However, I did like this random story about two random puppets; mostly because it was weirdly cute. Despite these faults, I enjoyed meeting new fables and thought it was clever how the writers show they were speaking a different language by the change in font. I loved their concept of a genie is because it is so different from what I’ve seen before, and granted that’s not much. Overall a good story, but definitely not my favorite.


Fables: Wolves (Volume 8)
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Mowgli goes on a search for Bigby Wolf to save his friend Bagheera who was imprisoned after the animal fables uprising years back.

QUICK REVIEW: I really enjoyed the first half of this volume. I love seeing Prince Charming continue to struggle with his responsibility as mayor. I also enjoyed seeing Mowgli’s search for Bigby. This volume filled me with a lot of Bigby and Snow feels because SPOILER ALERT! They’re finally together with their little monsters! It made me happy, but then they throw this random story and I wonder if it’s actually important or not. I eventually read it and to be honest I didn’t like it as much as other stories. I mean, Jack’s random Hollywood story was better than Cindy’s diplomatic journey. With that said though, I do like Cinderella and I like seeing her on her own missions, I just didn’t like this one very much. I thought it was pretty boring.


Fables: Sons of Empire (Volume 9)
RATING: 3.5/4
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: In the Homelands the adversary and his crew continue to plot against Fabletown, while on another occasion Bigby and Snow White spend Christmas together and visit the North Wind.

QUICK REVIEW: This volume brings a lot of old and new storylines, most of which I like, but they have nothing to do with the main story. Like that reporter guy, I actually want to know more about him and I’d love a whole volume or a couple more issues about him spying on the fables. I enjoyed seeing the adversary’s plans for Fabletown and Pinocchio’s response to it, but then you read the rest of the volume and it feels out of place.  So far I don’t like the way they compile these volumes, although none of these stories are bad. Will I keep reading? Probably yes because I made it this far. Will I continue to dislike the way some stories are totally unrelated to the plot, probably yes.

On a side note, I liked the Christmas special in this volume. And is it me or is there something going on between Boy Blue and Red?

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