BOOK REVIEW: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

TITLE: Living Dead Girl 
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Scott
RATING: 3.5 / 5
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Alice lives with Ray her kidnapper, but she’s growing up and Ray is getting tired of her, leaving her future uncertain.

If you’re looking for a happy book that will make you laugh and feel butterflies in your stomach, or if you think this is a supernatural romance, look somewhere else because Living Dead Girl is not it. Just as the title suggests, it’s a dark story, the premise is darker, and the journey is even worse.

Alice whose name is not Alice, lives with Ray, her captor. Their relationship is as horrible as you would think of a kidnapping pedophile rapist and his victim. I was uncomfortable with their relationship just knowing what it was, but then came all the rules he made up for her and it gets worse. He likes little girls, and forces her to stay that way against all odds and nature. He doesn’t feed her to keep her at a certain weight (a child’s weight), he feeds her pills to counteract puberty, and he even makes her wax. The entire situation is unsettling in every unimaginable way. And if you could imagine, it does get weirder. There were parts that I had to stop reading for a moment because it’s that horrible.

At the point we meet Alice, you could tell she has given up. She goes through the motions of her horrible day to day life, hoping for any way out, including death. She’s so desperate for this escape, that she is willing to do anything, even if it’s just as horrible as what Ray’s done to her. I obviously don’t agree with her actions, but she’s been obviously hurt and traumatized, so her moral compass is completely shattered by the time we meet her. However, I still found myself rooting for her to do the right thing, whether she did or not is up to you to find out.

One of the more puzzling things, are the reasons why she’s put up with the abuse for so long. It’s a threat as old as time. Ray tells her that if she asks for help or leaves, he will kill her parents. As a twenty year old young lady, whose watched and seen plenty of news, I know that Ray is full of empty threats. But for Alice, who has been his captive since she was 10, it happens to be a very real threat. I found this extremely frustrating, probably the most frustrating thing about the book.

For such a heavy storyline, the book is just 170 pages, with plenty of space between very short chapters. I read it one day, and I normally can’t read books in one day unless, they’re comics or as short as this one. In this aspect, it is a fast read, but it depends on how many times you put it down because of the many uncomfortable scenes. As for the writing, I wasn’t exactly amazed by it, but it does it’s job. One thing I did like is that Scott paints you a picture of Alice’s abuse without being too graphic. For that, I am thankful otherwise I don’t think I could have finished.

It is a good enough book to pass the time with, but remember it’s not a happy book.

P.S. No gifs for this one because its too disturbing and too sad to even find gifs for it.

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