What Type of Reader Are You?

How fast do you read?

Really depends on the book. If it captivates me, then a couple of days or within 24 hours. Classics always take me longer.


Do you ever give up on books?

Yes and especially if I feel a reading slump coming

How many books do you read for fun?

I would say at least two books per month, at most five a month.

What are your reading pet peeves?

When I’m in the living room reading and someone decides it’s a perfect time to makes conversation and they completely ignore the book I was trying to read.


How do you pick your next read?

Really depends on my mood or the mood I want to get into. If I want to get out of a reading slump I go straight to Colleen Hoover, if I’m mourning then I’ll go to a contemporary, if I just got out on a happy book high then I can handle darker themes. It all depends.

Do you like series or standalones?

Standalones for sure! Most series are fantasy and it takes me a while to get into them unless they’re really good.

E-Readers or real books?

I have an iPad but I forget that I have books on there so they’ve been unread for years! I think I’ve given up on e-readers. Besides there’s nothing better than smelling a book.


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