BOOK REVIEW: Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

Image result for point of retreatTITLE: Point of Retreat 
AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Doubts about their relationship arise when someone from Will’s past resurfaces in his present.

When I say I needed this book after I read Slammed, I mean I NEEDED it! Really bad!


As much as I love my contemporary love stories, sometime it’s not enough to know that the couple gets together in the end. Sometimes, you want more. Thankfully, Colleen Hoover understands that and gave us Point of Retreat. I loved seeing Will and Layken together in the aftermath looking after two growing boys. Their predicament is unusual, but it’s precisely why I loved reading about it.

I don’t know how to feel about their problem in this book. While I agree that a little bit of doubt is good in order to grow out of it and be a stronger couple, it is also very annoying. This only reminds me of why I like star crossed lover stories so much more than this type of love story.

I also sort of hated the second part of the story. It was so unexpected and didn’t really do much for me as far as storytelling goes. I wouldn’t have minded if the tragedy has happened and passed quickly, but it was dragged on, and that was very much unnecessary. (This is hard to explain without spoiling it, so if you don’t mind spoilers scroll down so I can explain). It’s the only real negative thing that I have to say for the story (and any Colleen Hoover book). This is why I can’t give it’s 5 stars.

I may have had problems with this sequel but I still recommend it. Why? Because the book is still retains the fun and charm from the first book. I enjoyed the new characters we were introduced and seeing old ones too. And I “butterflying” can’t wait to read more in This Girl, the last installment of the Slammed Series.







I hated the car accident. Like I said it was unnecessary. It only adds another sob story to their lives, and they don’t need any more of those. I understand that they grew closer because of the accident and expedited their marriage and moving in together, but there are other ways of doing that without another tragedy. It would have been better if Layken’s injuries and recovery weren’t so serious and dragged along.

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