BOOK REVIEW: June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

AUTHOR: Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
RATING: 3.5/5 (Very unsure about giving it this)
TWO SENTENCE SUMMARY: Cassie’s life is turned upside down when she finds out she might be the heir to a Hollywood actor’s fortune. In alternating time periods, Cassie tries to discover more about her grandmother’s past.

I guess I should start out by saying that I did not like the entire book, but I also can’t just give it 3 stars. It’s like watching one of those bad Lifetime or Hallmark movies on TV, you start watching it but as soon as you realize it’s bad it’s too late and you need to find out what happens in the end. That’s what happened to me with June. At least it was intriguing enough to keep me from putting it on my DNF (Did Not Finish) list, and trust it was very close to being on it.

So why did it almost get on my DNF list? Well, because the beginning was so unbelievably slow. The book’s blurb summarizes the first 100 pages of the book perfectly. That means I had to read a 100 pages before the story actually started!


This is an example of a bad blurb, it said too much. But, I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s also weirdly set up so it looks like there is very little happening on the surface but a lot of underlying plots weaved into the story.

The writing wasn’t my cup of tea either. I found some passages overly descriptive, and that usually turns me off, so I skimmed through most of these descriptions. (It’s also the reason why I will probably never finish A Song of Ice and Fire series.)

qh14cThe way it’s written would feel like nothing happened although I just five or six chapters. Then again, the chapters are really short.

Some characters don’t make sense to me until the end because I couldn’t understand their motivations behind their decisions. For example, Cassie. I couldn’t understand why she needed proof first before the DNA test. Why couldn’t she just have a DNA test and then go looking for proof? I just didn’t get it.

Okay, enough of bashing on the book. I swear it has it’s good parts. Mainly the ending and Lindie. I didn’t understand her motivations and actions at first but they made sense if you realize one thing. This one thing, is then confirmed in the end. I won’t say because SPOILERS.


However, I will say that I loved how sure of herself she was. How she didn’t care what people thought of her, and I especially loved her relationship with her father.

It sounds mean to say it, but the ending does make up for all the flaws the story has. It’s not for it’s earth shattering revelation but because it wraps everything up nicely. (If that’s not your thing, then sorry) But I like that there are no loose ends.

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