BOOK REVIEW: Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone by Kat Rosenfield

TITLE: Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone Image result for Amelia anne is dead and gone
AUTHOR: Kat Rosenberg
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Rebecca’s town is shaken by the murder of Amelia Anne, an outsider who was killed within the small town’s limits.

If I’m honest, I have to admit that this was a cover buy. I mean look at this beautiful cover! The flower, the dirt, the font, the colors! Just me? Oh… okay.

Anyway, I liked the book more than I thought I would. For me, I went into thinking it would be a simple murder mystery book where police would somehow involve Rebecca, but I quickly found out it was a different kind of story. Instead, it’s about how a small town is affected by outside violence. It’s small town America, idyllic until something shakes them. While the town copes with what’s happened, the story incorporates a sense of “us vs them” that they use to find blame for the violence.

All of this adds to a feeling of entrapment along with the townspeople. Like Becca, I started to feel suffocated by the small town and wanted a way out. I’ve never lived in a small town but I imagine it’s what it would feel like. It reminded me of The House on Mango Street because there’s a sense of feeling stuck, growing up, while losing your innocence.

Speaking of Becca, she seems very aloof while also very affected by the situation. It’s weird because I don’t think I ever understand why it’s affected her so much. Her story is told from a third person so we never get to see what she’s thinking or the extent of her feelings. The only real connection that I see between her and Amelia Anne is that they both, in a way, felt stuck.

The best thing about the novel was the writing. It’s just as beautiful as the cover. It’s very descriptive so if that’s not your thing, run away now. I, myself am not into this type of writing, but it worked for me this time. But, if you love beautiful prose and read scenes so well written that you can play it in your head like a movie, then grab this book now! There’s a scene where I could just see and imagine the lightning storm and the chaos of emotions so clearly in my head it was amazing.


For whatever the reason, this book will stay with me for a while. It’s beautifully written, and although the story isn’t a fast paced murder mystery, it takes a look at what happens when the illusion of innocence in shattered.






I still don’t know how to feel about the end because it wasn’t his fault, but he took the blame for it either way. In this way it reminds me of the Lovely Bones because the killer gets away and is never punished for the crime. Not only that but no one will ever know it was him! I think the conclusion of the murder made me angrier than the actual crime!

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