BOOK REVIEW: Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life by Jeff Wilser

TITLE: Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life
AUTHOR: Jeff Wilser
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: A summary of Alexander Hamilton’s life with modern references so you can understand.

So I’m kinda cheating with this review since I haven’t finished the book yet. However, I’ve read enough to know how I feel about it and I am planning on finishing it as soon catch up with my school work.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but this wasn’t it, and it’s not a bad thing. I expected the book to be a bit more serious than it is, but the humor is what I liked about it. It tells Hamilton’s story from the moment of his life in St. Croix to the famous duel that ended his life. If you’ve listened to the musical a million times like I have and read everything pertaining to the Lin Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece, then the book will sound like a summary of Hamilton’s life with a few extra details you didn’t know before.

This biographical book also uses different anecdotes from Hamilton’s life to guide your own. Call them life lessons if you will. Some advice is great like my personal favorite “You can always get a new job. You can never get a new integrity.” Of course, some are what-not-to-do life lessons (*cough cough* Maria Reynolds).

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As I mentioned, this is a somewhat humorous take on Hamilton’s life. Which was a pleasant surprise for me. One of my favorite lines is “Hamilton had nothing to say about leisure.” It made the task of reading a biography less daunting.

The book feels like it does cater to fans of the musical, and this is where the biography loses it’s appeal for me. Personally, I dislike trends because they start feeling like they’re piggybacking off from the initial success (example: Twilight and all the other vampire books that came after it; or Hunger Games and all the dystopian novels coming after it). Because of this, I couldn’t fully enjoy the book.

Overall, it’s an okay read especially if you want a rundown version of Chernow’s biography your favorite founding father.

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NOTE: I received this book from in exchange for an honest review

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