Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch on Netflix

I practically don’t have cable which means that most of the TV that I do watch are either telenovelas on Telemundo and other local channels (biggest guilty pleasure ever, but is it really if I own it?) or Netflix. That’s not to mention the several TV show season that I start watching and then stop for whatever reason. Therefore, I was so excited to see that Netflix added new content. Let’s break it down.

Most Anticipated

For most of these shows I can’t remember what happened in the last episode, but that’s not the case with The Walking Dead or The Fosters. Their season finales both had me on the edge of my seat, so you can already imagine that they will be the first shows I’ll be watching.
– The Walking Dead
– The Fosters

Image result for walking dead poster season 6Image result for the fosters season 4

The Comedies

These are shows that I always go to for a good laugh especially after I watch something heartbreaking like The Walking Dead or The Fosters.
– New Girl
– Young and Hungry

Image result for new girl season 5 posterImage result for young and hungry season 4

Proof of my Stubborn Will to Finish a Series

I think that title summed it all up. I have already invested time watching these shows, so I’m not going to stop now.
– Once Upon a Time
– Bones*

Image result for once upon a time posterImage result for bones season 11 poster

*I’m watching Angel for the first time along with The Hypable Re-watchable Podcast, and David Boreanaz is the protagonist. It will be funny to see two very different characters played by the same man at the same time.

Still Anticipating

As excited as I am for all these shows, Netflix still doesn’t have Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries or more importantly Season 3 of The 100. I started watching both shows ad they aired but life got in the way and I didn’t finish either season, both of which were starting out really, really, really, good!
– The Vampire Diaries
– The 100

Image result for the vampire diaries season 7 posterImage result for the 100

No Category

I’m not even sure how or why I started watching Zoo, the story is weird but it kept me entertained and I fell in love with the characters. Plus, Billy Burke is in it… Don’t ask.
– ZooImage result for zoo season 2 poster

Pleasant Surprises

So me and my mom bond over telenovelas. You know those stereotypical and unrealistic shows with convenient plot points, and over the top performances by actors? Emphasis on the word “stereotypical” because not all of them are like that, especially Turkish dramas. Within the last year, I have obsessed over these shows! So excuse me for practically hyperventilating when I found out Netflix had acquired the following Turkish dramas (especially the first one because I missed it when it aired on TV). Honestly, out of this list, these shows made me the happiest.
– Magnificent Century
– Love Bird

Image result for magnificent century

Image result for lovebird turkish series

So what show are you watching? What show do you recommend? What show should I add to this list? And happy binge watching!

UPDATE: I’ve already watched the first two episodes of The Fosters and I’m almost done with Once Upon a Time.

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