The TBR (To Be Read) Tag

Like most of my tags, no one actually tagged me but that’s not stopping me from doing them.

How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

First I’d like to say I’m very organized. Secondly, I’d like to say that ironically, I have no organization for my TBR pile. I used to have a separate pile of books that was my TBR pile but then it got too big to be next to my bedside table. Eventually, I put them all back on my shelf where they remain not together.

Image result for pile of books  gif

Is your TBR mostly print or e-book?

Almost exclusively print because I forget I have ebooks and then never read them because I use my ipad as a second tv.

How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?

Mostly by the smell of it.


Just kidding, it definitely depends by whatever I’m feeling at the time. If I need to get out of a reading slump I go straight to Colleen Hoover and usually that helps. I also give library books more importance because I have to turn them in rather than the books I own. Which is bad because I keep buying books and getting books from the library so my TBR pile is just growing exponentially.

A book that has been on your TBR the longest?

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez has been on my list for the longest time. It’s been on my TBR list since I read Chronicle of a Death Foretold back in 11th grade (3 to 4 years ago), and only recently did I finally purchase the book. And yes, it’s still unread. *sad face*

A book you recently added to your TBR?

I hope you mean my physical TBR pile. The answer is Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover.

A book on your TBR strictly because of its beautiful cover?

Under the Poppy by Kathe Koja which I lost interest in it the moment I got it. I have found a new purpose for the book – blackout poetry. I also bought The Unexpected Everything mainly for the story, but also that amazing cover!


A book on your TBR that you never plan on reading?

Under the Poppy by Kathe Koja and Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin. (I read the first and half of the second book and stopped)

An unpublished book on your TBR that you’re excited for?

I have none at the moment. The last ARC I read was Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. ( I highly recommend it)

A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you?

Clockwork Angel and the last three books of the Mortal Instrument series.

A book on your TBR that everyone has read but you?

The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

A book on your TBR that you’re dying to read?

Weregirl by C.D. Bell (probably my next read)

How many books are in your Goodreads TBR shelf?

58 and growing

Image result for pile of books  gifI am tagging anyone and everyone who wants to do this tag. Have fun!

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