BOOK REVIEW: milk and honey by rupi kaur

TITLE: milk and honey Image result for milk and honey book
AUTHOR: rupi kaur
RATING: 2.5 /5
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: A collection of poems that speak about domestic violence, love, and woman empowerment.

Long before I read this book, I used to follow rupi kaur on Instagram. I loved her short, meaningful, and her amazingly simplistic yet insightful poetry. I loved the positive messages she delivered to her 600k followers. That with the addition of the praises I kept seeing on Instagram over milk and honey, I had high expectations for her book.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. I was expecting to love this book, I thought it would speak to my soul, but it was one big letdown. While I thought that her simplistic way of writing was her strength, it turned out to be her downfall. Her writing was too simple, too on the nose, and not poetic enough. Sometimes it felt like it wasn’t poetry but just normal sentences cut off at odd places.

Image result for milk and honey book

This is one of the poems from this collection

While on her Instagram page she shares a little bit more of her through her photography and captions, this collection of poems are extremely vague. It’s so vague that personal aspect of it was lost, even after reading it I don’t know what rupi kaur’s life story is. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought poetry is supposed to be personal in some capacity (especially the way this book is marketed), but milk and honey felt impersonal. In one poem she writes “you must never trade honesty for relatability,” but that’s exactly what she with these very broad topics.

I would like to say that the hype of the book was the letdown, but that’s not the case. I think I would say the same even without the hype. What I thought I saw on Instagram was far from what I received in milk and honey. What I thought was extraordinary and life changing, turned out to be just ordinary.

Image result for disappointed gif

P.S. She also writes only in lower case letters and doesn’t believe in punctuation other than a period. In an Instagram post she explained she writes this way to be closer to her native tongue which doesn’t have punctuation other than a period and has only lower case letters.

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