BOOK REVIEW: Going Geek by Charlotte Huang

TITLE: Going Geek Image result for going geek
AUTHOR: Charlotte Huang
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Skylar Hoffman’s perfect senior years turns out drastically different from what she expected, with new interests and new friends.

Meet Skylar Hoffman, one of the most unlikeable YA protagonist characters I’ve ever read. She is unbearably shallow and mean to the people around her. She is exactly the type of person I avoided in high school, too popular to care; superficial, shallow, rich, party girl, with a clear idea of what is cool and what is not. Her “popular” friends are even worse. For the first half of the novel, Skylar is unbelievably annoying, but thankfully it gets better.

The story is like a mixture of The House Bunny and ever teen movie you’ve ever seen. It’s the typical teen story where the teen’s life is turned upside down and then has to learn how to deal with it and eventually sees the positives of their drastic change. It’s not an original story, and therefore very predictable; there were very few unpredictable moments.

Even with all these negatives I still enjoyed the story. Maybe because teen movies are my guilty pleasure. Huang gives us a great cast of characters, each with their little quirks and distinct personalities. Getting to know the girls from Abbott House was my favorite part of the book. It’s definitely a story about friendship more than anything else.

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I also really enjoyed the complex social pyramid within the school. It was weirdly interesting to get into these rich kids’ heads and see what worries them but, it’s just as annoying to read about. Despite how unlikeable Skylar is as a character, I have to commend Huang for writing about an outgoing character. Maybe it’s just me but it feels like YA tends to focus on the introverts more than the extroverts, and it was nice change to read about san outgoing person.

Overall, I liked reading Going Geek although I had my problems with it. And I look forward to reading Charlotte Huang’s other novel, For the Record.

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