BOOK REVIEW: No Turning Back by Bryan Anderson

Image result for no turning back book bryan andersonTITLE: No Turning Back
AUTHOR: Bryan Anderson
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Bryan Anderson tells his memoir of how he overcame losing three limbs after a bomb explosion during the Iraq War.

I’m a little bit worried about posting this review, but I hope you understand why I chose to give this book such a low rating.

Bryan Anderson’s story is an amazing way to look at life. He has an incredibly positive of view of the world, and that’s helped him overcome some difficult obstacles. I applaud him for everything he’s been able to accomplish despite his disabilities. I don’t know a lot of people who can bounce back to life the way he did. No one can take that away from him.

With that said, I despised the book. I get it he’s not a writer, and it shows… a lot. The parts that were meant to be funny weren’t funny, he was repetitive, and the moments he was supposed to be inspiring he wasn’t. Just because someone writes, “it’s funny”, doesn’t make it funny. It’s a writer’s job to set the mood, the setting, to make it funny.

Luckily, I saw him in person when he came to my university and I have to say he tells his story much better in person. He’s charismatic and funny and even inspiring. Sadly, that doesn’t translate as well in his memoir.

NOTE: I had to read this for school part of my Student Life Skills credit, so being forced to read this book didn’t make it exciting either.

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