Political-ish Books

Good news and bad news. The good news is that the election is almost over. The bad news is that the election is not over. Seeing that this might be my last chance to talk about politics in novels, I’m taking my chance now before it’s gone forever… at least for another four years. So, here’s a list of books with politics in it.

Title: My Life Next Door Image result for my life next door book cover
Author: Huntley Fitszpatrick
The Politics: The politics in this story is not at the forefront of the main story but it is in there from the beginning. Our main character’s mother is running for congress and this aspect of her life seeps into her daughter’s life. I suggest this book for those who want to see how an election works but don’t want to be overwhelmed




Image result for going geekTitle: Going Geek
Author: Charlotte Huang
The Politics: Huang’s novel isn’t about the real world politics we all know about, instead it focuses on the inner workings of the prestigious Winthrop Academy. What surprised me, and what I liked the most about this book was the complex government system the students had to journey through. It was really fun to see them navigate through it all. It also offered a very different high school life from other YA novels.



Image result for divergent book seriesTitle: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
The Politics: It’s hard not to mention a couple of dystopian novels in a list of political-ish books, and Divergent definitely fits this category. If you haven’t read or watched the movies. Divergent takes place in a futuristic Chicago where each person fits in one of five factions (Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity or Candor), and what happens when you don’t exactly fit in one. More importantly, it’s about what happens when a social order is challenged and what that means for the government.


Title: Hunger Games Image result for hunger game book series
Author: Suzanne Collins
The Politics: This is another well-known trilogy and if you haven’t heard about it, then I welcome you to the 21st century (I’m assuming you’ve been hiding under a rock for most of your life). In Collins’ dystopian novel, the government is the big evil. Thanks to “The Capitol” kids are forced to go to the arena and literally fight to the death, meanwhile the entire country watches the tournament like a bad reality show, but you can’t stop watching. It also touches on themes of war, PTSD, dictatorships, and overthrowing the government.


Title: 1984 & Animal Farm Image result for 1984 and animal farm
Author: George Orwell
The Politics: George Orwell is the father of dystopian literature and political satire. His novels warn people of the dangers of big government and what happens when they control every miniscule aspect of your life. Unlike the other novels on this list, these books are the least hopeful, but they’re the most thought provoking in my opinion. They have certainly stayed on my mind much  longer than most novels.


Image result for hamilton bookTitle: Hamilton: The Revolution
Author: Lin Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter
The Politics: Okay, so I’m cheating, but Hamilton is the perfect story when we talk about politics. Not only can we sing along to catchy songs, but we also learn about the founding of this country and over 200 years of democratic elections. With the “Hamil-tome” fans (like me) can learn about the founding of this great American musical, with cast interviews, notes from the creator, lyrics, and backstage and on stage photos.

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