BOOK REVIEW: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

TITLE: My Life Next Door Image result for my life next door
AUTHOR: Huntley Fitzpatrick
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Samantha finally gets an inside look into her next door neighbors, the Garrets, the summer before her Senior year of High School, where she finds friendship and first loves.

I have tried to hide it, but I’m a sucker for romance. I like romance. And I loved the teenage romance between Samantha and Jase. Their whole relationship was enjoyable to watch and refreshing from the teen drama in other YA romance novels. Fitzpatrick doesn’t fall into clichés and that’s what I liked about their love story. Image result for adoration gif

My only concern with their story is that it went a bit too fast, but I think it’s up to the reader.

It was also fun to meet the Garrets as they all have their own personalities. My favorite Garret family member was baby George, the worry wart. I thought he was adorable. As a big family they don’t fall into the stereotypes that sometimes come with the territory, and they make sure to point that out. As for Samantha’s friends, I didn’t really care for them. Just like Samantha, I wanted to live with the Garrets and never leave their chaotic household.

If you’re in a mourning period, get this book. It will lift you out of that depressing hole you’re in.


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