MINI BOOK REVIEWS: Fables & Rat Queens

Image result for fables the good princeTITLE: Fables: The Good Prince
RATING: 4.5/5
SUMMARY: Flycatcher meets Lancelot who helps him become a knight and become a legend.

QUICK REVIEW: The last time I picked up this volume I quickly put it down and decided not to continue the series. Well, that failed and I’m so glad I picked up the series again. In this volume the story is focused on Flycatcher and his journey as a knight and king as their war against The Adversary’s forces continues. What I loved most about this volume was seeing Flycatcher’s character development from lowly janitor with a never-ending list of misdemeanors to an all-powerful knight. Even when he is powerful, he is humble and “good.” I look forward to reading the rest of the volumes in this series.

TITLE: Rat Queens: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’Rygoth Image result for rat queens volume 2
RATING: 3.5/5
SUMMARY: Thanks to a giant tentacle beast we get some backstory to who the Rat Queens are.
WARNING: Not suitable for children

QUICK REVIEW: Going into this volume, I was worried it wouldn’t be any better than the first volume but I was gladly mistaken. Yes, there isn’t much plot other than the giant tentacle monster but it allowed it use to see another side of the Queens. I was happy to see they’re not just drunk hippies who curse a lot. I still feel like there’s unnecessary cursing and gore but I have a feeling that won’t go away, so I might as well get used to it now.

Image result for rat queens volume 3TITLE: Rat Queens: Demons
SUMMARY: When Hannah’s father gets arrested in Mage U, the Rat Queens are on their way to help him.
WARNING: Not suitable for children

QUICK REVIEW: There were many changes in this volume than the previous two. For one, they have a new artist and the difference is visible and welcomed (although not too drastic). I definitely like this art style a lot better than the original. Secondly, for the first time in my binge reading of these graphic novels I finally feel like there’s actual plot. It feels like they finally have an overarching plot for the next couple of volumes. We continue getting more of their backstory and world building but it’s coming together. I might not like how graphic the gore is (maybe if it were in black and white I wouldn’t have a problem) or how ridiculously sexualized their outfits are but I do like the humor in the story.

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