My Favorite Books from 2016

The year is ending and the internet is being inundated by “Best of 2016” lists and I am no exception. So here is a list of some of my favorite books from the year.

NOTE: The list is in no particular order.

TITLE: All the Ugly and Wonderful ThingsImage result for all the ugly and wonderful things
AUTHOR: Bryn Greenwood
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Kellen and Wavy form an unlikely relationship that goes against everything society thinks.

WHY I LIKED IT: Everything about this novel is amazing. The writing is beautiful. The characters and relationships are interesting and fascinating while also very fragile, it’s complicated. It takes a controversial issue and somehow makes it okay when normally it’s not. Stories that can make me see the gray area in otherwise black and white situations, are my favorites and this is no exception. Months, after reading this novel, I still can’t stop thinking about it.


Image result for Ugly LoveTITLE: Ugly Love
AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Due to their busy lives, Miles and Tate, decide to have a friends with benefits deal.

WHY I LIKED IT: I should have a Colleen Hoover appreciation post, but until then I have this moment to gush over her novels in general. Ugly Love was the first of her novels that I ever read, and began my love for her work. Since then I’ve read Hopeless, Losing Hope, Slammed trilogy, Confess, and Too Late. And, I haven’t been disappointed yet, which is why I’ve bought the rest of her novels without a second thought, and will continue to do so. The writing is amazing, funny, and has great flowability. They all portray incredible relationships that will definitely tug at your heartstrings and keep you wanting more.


TITLE: Girl in Pieces
AUTHOR: Kathleen Glasgow
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Charlie struggles to recover from self-harm and her past before moving forward with her life.

WHY I LIKED IT: This is one of those novels that I keep thinking about despite reading it months ago. The writing is beautifully heartbreaking. It has some of the most broken characters I’ve about in a while. And yes, that sounds so sad and depressing, but it also made me feel many things from sadness, frustration, and even happiness. It is all worth it because you get to see Charlie’s amazing growth as she struggles to get better.


TITLE: 1984
AUTHOR: George Orwell
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Winston Smith lives in a totalitarian socialist country where Big Brother, the Party’s leader, watches everything and everyone.

WHY I LIKED IT: Ok, I’m cheating by putting this one on the list since I read it in the last days of 2015, but it’s been a year and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Thanks to this one, I read Animal Farm, made my dad read it both of them, watched the film, and still find myself ranting about it. It’s true, I didn’t know how to feel about it when I read it, but the more I distanced myself from it, the more I love it. My favorite part of the novel is the psychology behind the main character and the way “The Party” and Oceania works. Mostly, it’s AMAZING how Orwell predicted this way back in 1948. I should also mention, it’s the classic dystopian novel.


AUTHOR: Brian K. Vaughan
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Alana and Marko are trying to keep their family safe from the war and people that are trying to keep them apart in this intergalactic sci-fi fantasy story.

WHY I LIKED IT: Saga is the first graphic novel that taught me that comics weren’t just superheroes in tights saving the world, a genre I’m not a fan of. I immediately fell in love with the story, the world, the characters, the amazing and beautiful art style. It also helped me get back into fantasy as long as it was in a graphic novel format, because in my opinion it is so much easier to follow a fantasy story with pictures than without them. Since then, I’ve read a number of graphic novels, and I think I will continue reading them for a long time. All thanks to Saga.

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