The Journal Tag

How many journals do you own?

I have two completed journals and two more that I’m currently writing in.


When did you start keeping a journal?

Since I was little it was an on and off thing. Earlier this year is when I really started to journal on a consistent level.

How do you date your entries?

I put the date and time because sometimes I write more than once in the same day.
October 25, 2016

How many different types of journals do you currently use?

Two. One is my personal journal. The other journal is more of a reading log where I keep a record of how many books I read in a month, how many books I received/bought, and any quotes that I liked while reading during that month

Do you have a favorite journal brand?



Do you ever write outside or take your journal with you?

Nope, I’m too afraid to lose it and someone will find it lol

Do you keep an online journal?

No, but I had a “journal” word document once. It lasted less than a year.

How often do you journal?

I aim for at least a sentence everyday.

Do you record dreams? And if so, how?

I’ve thought about it but I don’t always remember my dreams or I forget them throughout the day, so it would be very inconsistent. But, when I do remember I do write it down, if it’s interesting enough.

Do you prefer to write on lined pages?

Lined pages please! I never mastered the art of writing on blank paper.

Do you ever censor yourself?

I try very hard not to, but I’m sure I do it in some way.


If you have a reason, explain why you started journaling?

Earlier this year I was going through a tough patch in my life when I saw a really cute journal at a store that said “My Brilliant Ideas” on the front cover. I bought it on a whim not sure what I would do with it. I wanted to record my “tough patch” as a way to go back and see how I got through it. Now, that I’m over that patch it’s interesting to see what I wrote about it.

If you’ve been writing a long time, how has your style changed?

I used to think journaling was strictly for documenting what happened in your day until I decided I was going to write something every day. The problem with writing every day is that sometime you really have nothing to interesting enough to say. That’s when I started have more fun with my journal. I started to write down lists, quotes, song lyrics, very spoilery thoughts on books and tv, and sometimes I just doodle. Now even when I have nothing interesting to say about my life, I still have a reason to go to my journal day to day.

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