BOOK REVIEW: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

TITLE: It Ends With Us Image result for it ends with us
AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Lilly Bloom is swept away by Ryle, a neurosurgeon, while old flames come back into her life.

I read a review that started out by saying, “I did not expect that at all.” They were absolutely right. Hoover’s last novel was so unexpected and so important in a way her previous novel are not. I expected the beautiful romantic charm I’ve come to associate with Colleen Hoover, and although I got some of that lovely charm, it was also very unexpected.

All I can say without spoiling is that

  1. Hoover has ripped my heart out of my chest, stomped on it, shattered it into a thousand pieces, tried to stitch it back together with bad sewing and glue and gave it back to me. That’s how I felt reading the book.
  2. Another part of me felt incredible anguish over the characters
  3. And most importantly, I think this might be Hoover’s most important book so far.

Anything below this point is absolutely filled with spoilers.

tumblr_inline_obg8s8uvw81snpjdu_500I warned you.

When I read the blurb for the first time I was expecting to read a love triangle, and as I started to read I was really excited because for the first time I couldn’t choose between the two love interests. I could not choose between Ryle and Atlas, and although that might sound horrible, it was awesome to read about because usually there’s an obvious choice in these types of stories. So yes, I was excited!

Image result for excited gif

And then, it happened… The illusion was shattered and so was my heart. When I picked up this book I was not expecting to read about an abusive relationship.

Image result for friends spoiler gif

I thought the way Hoover approached the story was so well done. It’s easy to judge women who are in these types of relationship, but this book shows how easy it is to be in one without knowing it. I fell in love with Ryle just like Lily, and when he hit her I didn’t believe it at first just like Lily. I basically felt everything she was feeling, including terror. The ending was full of bittersweet feelings that left me speechless.

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