This or That: Brand New or Used Books?

Today’s post is brought to you by my lack of preparation. I usually have something to post but since school started I haven’t had time to work on new blogs or read books, other than the ones my professors have assigned.

Anyway, I start looking at other blogs and find myself with bookmarkchronicles This or That Challenge and decide to give it shot. So, thank you Rae!

Do you buy most of your books brand new or used?

The answer to this question is complicated because there is no one sure answer.

Ok, maybe I’m trying to complicate matters. The truth is half of my books are bought new, and the other half come from used bookstores. I usually get my books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble (the few times I actually go).

As for the used books, I’ve gotten really great deals from Amazon (if you know how to look), Goodwill, and Thriftbook. I will say that when I go bargain hunting, I am always try to make sure the book is in good conditions, so I take more than enough time looking.

Image result for book buying gif

Let me know about you guys. Do you buy brand new books or used books? From where?

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3 thoughts on “This or That: Brand New or Used Books?

  1. I prefer the new book because I take good care of each book. But recently I discovered that Amazon has great deals for used books and are coming in such good care that I prefer to order from there 3 books instead of going to the library and buy just one for the same price. 🙂

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  2. I buy new books most of the times, since I buy soon after release. But books I’m not sure of, I buy used in a bookstore who have return policy. They’ll buy back at half price, however later.

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