Types of Reading Slumps


The first and major reason I get reading slumps is because of school. Yes, I still read for school because I’m an English major but it’s not on my term. Also, when I read for school it leaves little read for recreation reading. The only to get away from this slump is quitting school and I’m not about to do that.

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These slumps occur when I read too much in a short period. They leave me so exhausted that I don’t want to read anything else. After that, I try to pace myself with my next read, but that doesn’t usually work for me. I either read a book in 3 days or not.



I don’t usually don’t have mourning periods with the books I read. Sure, I get sad, I might even cry, but that’s never stopped me from picking up another book immediately. However, it’s happened. The only way I could get over All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood was by reading reviews about it, reading the deleted scenes, sorta stalking the author, writing about my feels, and eventually reading it again. It’s also a good thing that I was in the middle of the semester and had to catch up on schoolwork after I took a “break” to read it.

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The other slump I get from time to time is whenever I read a boring book. It’s a bad sign when you realize you rather do something else than read a book, and when that happens the solution is easy. Give up on it. I know it can be hard, but if it’s not working, then kick it to the curb. Grab another book!

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Let me know what kind of reading slumps you guys get, which one is the worse? Did I miss one?

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8 thoughts on “Types of Reading Slumps

  1. Clever! I don’t think I’ve seen a breakdown of the different types of reading slumps before, and these are all so true! My reading slumps are invariably of the “boring book” variety, specifically the multiple boring books in a row variety. But then I start wondering if maybe I’m in another kind of reading slump already and just THINK multiple books are boring. Hmmm.

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