TV SHOW REVIEW: 13 Reasons Why (Season 1)

TITLE: 13 Reasons Why Image result for thirteen reasons why netflix
SEASONS: 1 (for now)
NETWORK: Netflix
SUMMARY: After Hannah Baker commits suicide, she leaves 13 tapes explaining why she killed herself.
GENRE: Teen Drama | Mystery
NOTE: Adapted from Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.
WARNING: Definitely not suitable for younger teens, it has several topics including, rape, suicide, substance abuse, and bullying.

I don’t usually play the “I read this before it was a thing” card, but I did read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher before it was ever optioned for a film or series. I’ve been worrying over this adaptation for years since the moment it was first announced all those years ago, but the wait and worrying is finally over! And I can’t believe how incredible it turned out in the end. Its even better than the book! Wow, that’s something I thought I would have never said before.

Image result for surprised gif

The main reason why the series is so much better than the book is because we see more from the characters than we’re allowed to in the book. All the characters on Hannah’s list have backstories and lives that weren’t well developed in the book. That alone makes them more human and real than whenever I read the book. You see them cope with the aftermath of the tapes and how it changes their lives. Its not just the people on the tapes that are affected but also the parents of the teens and the school administrators.

Seeing the whole cast is also a pleasant surprise because they are a diverse bunch of characters ranging in different races, sexualities, and social status. Personally, Courtney’s character was the biggest surprise because her backstory made more sense on the show than it did in the book, and she wasn’t what I was expecting at all. But, it only made me love the show more.

I also ADORED Tony… ADORED with heart shaped eyes in love emoji. Sigh…

Image result for in love gif

Accurate depiction of my love for Tony

There is no doubt the show is tough to watch and get through. It has some extremely disturbing and uncomfortable scenes that I had to look away from. The show not only deals with the aftermaths of suicide, it also talks about drinking, bullying, violence, rape, among other things. Things that are important to talk about but if I’m honest, I wonder if it might be too much for some people. The series might be geared toward teens, but in so many ways they’re also geared towards adults, specifically those with teens. This isn’t a show for younger teens or for the fainthearted either.

The first season tells Hannah’s story the same way it’s told in the books, but I wonder how the series will continue. Because it has to continue. They left too many storylines open for it to be just one season. I’m most interested in seeing how Hannah’s parents will continue with their investigation or how Clay will move on from the tapes.

Whether or not you’ve read the book, I do recommend the series as long as you’re not younger than 16 or 17 or easily disturbed.

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