TV SHOW REVIEW: The OA (Season 1)

TITLE: The OA Image result for the oa poster
SEASONS: 1 (for now)
NETWORK: Netflix
SUMMARY: After Prarie is once agains reconnected to with her adoptive parents, it’s clear that she is not the same woman who went missing years ago.
GENRE: Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Mystery | Supernatural
WARNING: Graphic sex scenes and violence

I’m not sure why or how I started watching this series, but all it took was 15 minutes and I was hooked. In the first episode alone the show raises some interesting and mysterious questions that I needed the answers to.

The show, and the first episode especially, is slow. There isn’t much action or fast pacing, it takes its time telling the story. However, it’s not bad. This is one of those shows where the slow pacing is needed to make sense of Prarie’s story because it is so weird and bizarre. However, as the story goes along and you start piecing the story together it becomes more interesting. There were a couple of “a-ha” moments while watching that I still can’t get over.

Image result for aha moment gif

The summary Netlfix offers is very misleading and while I thought it was going to be about humans with superpowers like Heroes or any Marvel or DC superheroes, its not what I was expecting at all. Yes, the characters have some supernatural abilities but they’re not the normal powers we usually think of, they don’t fly or become invisible or run really fast. Their powers are rather spiritual and have a specific purpose that’s not to fight evil (as far as I’m aware of). In that way, this show is very different from other shows.

Without giving too much away, I also really liked the way incorporated death into the narrative. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but the way they talk about death is very unique to the show.

Related image

The story has two main storylines. One taking place in the present, and another one talking about Prarie’s life and her years gone missing. Personally, I cared so much more for the flashbacks than the present story because I didn’t particularly like most of the characters.

The show is slow paced and the most exciting parts a scattered in between but rather slow just the same. Although they’re exciting they also feel rather subtle and that’s a very different from most of the shows I usually watch. The ending is no exception to this and leaves you wanting more. With how things ended in season 1, there NEEDS to be a season 2 so everything that’s happened makes sense.


In an unrelated issue, I really enjoyed an episode where one of the characters goes to Cuba because I was not expecting that at all. It’s always nice to see my country being featured in some way.

All in all, I recommend the show although I’m the first one to say it might not be for everyone, especially if you like fast paced action stories.

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3 thoughts on “TV SHOW REVIEW: The OA (Season 1)

  1. This show turned me into a blubbering fangirl! I was trying to get my husband to watch it, so I’d summarize the episodes for him, and I’m pretty sure I sounded like a drunk chipmunk because I was so excited and talking so fast that I don’t think anything I told him made any sense.

    they need to make the 2nd season as soon as possible!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha it is difficult to explain what happens in the show and why it’s good. I’ve been telling my sister to watch the show since I finished it.

      And they left it on such a cliffhanger they HAVE to make a season 2.


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