Lets Talk About School and Studying

Iridescence @ Light Up the Shining Night Stars made a list of study / school related posts you can talk about in your own blog, and since I’m always looking for new topics to talk about I’m giving it a try.

To begin with, I’m not going to address every single topic she posted because I don’t have anything to say about a couple of them. For the full list of study blog ideas please visit her blog.

Subjects You’re Studying in School/College

If you don’t already know I am in English major and I’m working towards a Professional and Technical Writing certificate. It shouldn’t be a shock seeing as how I have an unhealthy relationship wtih reading and books. Anyway, my classes involve a lot of reading and a lot of writing.

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This semester I’m taking two classes:

Global Issues in Literature: This class is interesting and quite easy. We look at books and texts discussing different points of view around the world, and we think of our individual role in the world. Thanks to this class I read Persepolis and Maus.

Medieval English Literature: For this class we’re doing just as the title of this course suggests, we read texts from Medieval ages. Unfortunately, it’s more complicated because we have to read some of it in Old English which is different from today’s modern English. So before I can analyze the text I have to translate it first.

Websites / Apps I Use to Study

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Surprisingly, I don’t use any of the online English literature guides like SparkNotes or Shmoop. I do, however, use Easybib when I’m going to write my bibliographies / sources because it makes it so much easier than writing one by one. Sometimes I also use Quizlet when I’m preparing for an exam with terms. For this semester I’ve been using this online dictionary for all the weird words for my Medieval Lit class.

How to Get Motivated

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Motivation Tactic #1: The fear of failure keeps me mostly motivated when I have to write and read for school.

Motivation Tactic #2: I also keep an agenda to keep up with assignments and I find it amazingly satisfying to cross an item off my to-do list.

Motivation Tactic #3: Sometimes the reason why I can’t study or complete an assignment is because I simply need a break. So, I take a break and resume the following day knowing my work load will increase but it’s better than forcing myself to do something without much progress.

Motivation Tactic #4: When I really need motivation, I bribe myself. I tell myself, “if you finish reading this, then you can buy yourself a book.” It works every time, but I only use it in extreme situations because it can cause a drain in my limited wallet.

If none of those work then try the following:

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Ok, That was a joke, but always find a way to get motivated because school is hard, but it’s also worth it in the long run.

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