I Got 99 Bookish Problems and My Dog is One of Them

  1. I like to read out loud but when someone comes into the room I read quietly because I don’t want to be annoying
  2. I get annoyed when people talk to me when I’m readingreading-in-bed-gif
  3. People look at me weird when I get emotional over a book
  4. People look at me weird if I squeal, gasp, grunt, etc. while reading
  5. Or when I laugh out loudImage result for laughing while reading gif
  6. Making excuses to buy books
  7. Letting your wallet suffer because you bought books
  8. Waiting for your favorite author to publish another book
  9. Waiting for the next book in a series
  10. Not having a big enough purse to put your book or books in
  11. Not being able to choose just one book when you travelImage result for reading gif
  12. Going into every bookshop you find on your travel or airport
  13. Wanting to buy all the books
  14. Having a TBR list that will never end
  15. Having a TBR list that never stops growing
  16. Reading slumps
  17. School somehow stops me from reading books I want to read
  18. Having / wanting to read a book before the movie
  19. Feeling sort of guilty over not reading the book before the movie
  20. Having to deal with people who only watch the movies
  21. Having to deal with people who don’t bother reading because there is a movie / show about it
  22. Never leaving the house without a bookImage result for rory's study spot gif
  23. Finding the perfect reading spot
  24. Finding the perfect reading positionImage result for sheldon's spot gif
  25. Having your perfect reading spot invaded by someone else
  26. Only having the night to read but then fall asleep
  27. Not being able to choose how to reorganize my bookshelf
  28. Asking books for special occasions or gift cards to B&N
  29. Buying books for their beautiful books
  30. Buying books and not reading them
  31. Staying up late to read books
  32. Risking precious sleeping time to finish a bookImage result for rory's study spot gif
  33. Avoiding spoilers
  34. Avoiding spoilers and then failing
  35. Not reading fast enough
  36. Rushing through the book because it’s so good you want to see the end
  37. Not wanting to finish a book because it’s so good
  38. Not having matching book series
  39. Picking up books at the library when you already have books at home
  40. Having to read the library books first because they have due dates
  41. Having to let go of the library booksImage result for letting go gif
  42. Being excited for school to end to read more books in summer vacation
  43. Being the only person excited for summer vacation for that reason
  44. Being the only person that reads
  45. Not being able to express all the feelings and thoughts about a book in one review
  46. People who say reading is boring
  47. People who say they don’t readImage result for people who don't read gif
  48. No self-control over “rationing” my reading
  49. Being horrible at buddy reading because most likely I won’t be able to just read a couple of chapters
  50. Having a reading journal because I don’t trust Goodreads
  51. When Goodreads doesn’t let you add a book you re-read to your yearly goal
  52. Forgetting to eat when you’re reading
  53. Forgetting to breathe when an intense scene is happening
  54. An unsatisfying ending
  55. An unsatisfying bookImage result for reading too much gif
  56. Being the only one to dislike a hyped up book
  57. Forgetting all your biological needs to read
  58. Not being able to read in the shower
  59. Not being able to read while driving (except for audiobooks)
  60. Not having audiobooks for car rides
  61. People preferring to listen to music on long car rides than an audiobook
  62. The nonexistence of waterproof books
  63. Not having your dream library yet
  64. Not being able to read inside the pool
  65. Surprising people with my reading skills
  66. Surprising people with my reading speedImage result for reading problem gif
  67. Not taking good enough pictures for bookstagram
  68. Not knowing how to take good pictures but doing it anyway
  69. Hiding your books from your puppy
  70. When your puppy eats your books!
  71. Having a leak on the roof dangerously close to your bookshelf
  72. Not having enough bookshelf space
  73. Having to buy another bookshelf
  74. Squeezing your books on your bookshelf
  75. Feeling emotionally attached to your books
  76. Lending books to your friends
  77. Lending books and never getting them back
  78. Lending books and getting them back damagedImage result for evil person gif
  79. When a friend loses the beautiful dust jacket
  80. Considering buying the book for the pretty dust jacket
  81. People who bend the pages
  82. People who dog ear their pages
  83. Having to explain I don’t dog ear my books but I do write on them
  84. I also highlight, but it’s mostly for school
  85. Buying sticky notes to mark your favorite parts of your favorite book
  86. Risk looking crazy and incoherent when your describe your favorite bookImage result for reading problem gif
  87. Trying to convince someone to read and failing
  88. Buying books online and risking receiving a damaged books
  89. Books are expensive
  90. When someone recommends you a book and adding it to your TBR list
  91. When B&N is far away
  92. When there are no bookstores close to home
  93. Seeing a kid break a book
  94. When little kids don’t see the joy in reading
  95. Worrying that my future kids won’t like reading
  96. Wanting to relive reading your favorite book for the first timeImage result for reading gif
  97. Wanting everyone to read your favorite book
  98. Wanting everyone to enjoy your favorite book
  99. Losing a book

Those are just some of my bookish problems. I’m sure there are more. Let me know what are your bookish / reading problems? Let me know in the comments below.

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