MOVIE REVIEW: Persepolis

TITLE: Persepolis Image result for persepolis movie
DIRECTOR: Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud
RUNTIME: 96 minutes
SUMMARY: Marjane Satrapi tells the story of her life living in Iran in the midst of the cultural revolution.
GENRE: Coming of Age | Animated
NOTES: Based on the graphic memoir, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Quickly after I read Persepolis, I found out there was a movie adaptation from a couple of years back. The movie was co directed by Marjane Satrapi, the author of the graphic novel, and Vincent Paronnaud. It was also nominated for best animated feature film in various award shows like the Oscars and the Golden Globe. So, of course I had to find this film and watch it.

I wish I could say I went on a quest. That I had to face metaphorical dragons and find metaphorical unicorns to get my hands on this holy movie in DVD, but the truth is much more boring than that. I went to my local library and checked it out.

So onto the review!

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The first thing that surprised me about the film was the animation style. It is exactly like the comics, but the drawings just happen to move and talk. It was weird to see such a unique style in animation film when I’m so used to watching today’s modern 3D cartoon (example, Zootopia) or even the original 2D cartoons (example, Lion King)  but I loved it either way. That’s already the first sign of how this film stays true to the source material. If anything it made it stand out even more.

The animation is in black and white except for a couple of scenes. Ironically though, the scenes in color felt the weirdest because they felt like they didn’t belong. Personally, I prefferred the black and white scenes more. However, that doesn’t matter because 95% of the film is in black and white.

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The movie is exactly like the memoir. By this, I mean that essence and main points of Marjane’s memoir are in the movie. They don’t focus on every little detail but stick to what’s important. Call it the highlights of the book. I preferred it that way because, if I’m honest, there are parts of the book that I wasn’t fully invested in. It still shows what it was like for Marjane to grow up in Iran, all the hurdles and changes the government made her go through. It shows her teen years in France and her return. It’s not an exact replica, but we shouldn’t expect it to be. As far as graphic novel to film adaptations go, this movie is a must see.

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