11 Reasons to Watch Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is one of my favorite shows and I’m going to tell you why. 

Reason #1 Latino Representation

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This is one of the few television shows that I’m aware of on American television where the protagonist is latina and it’s not ever a thing. There are no stereotypes and that’s refreshing to see. Not to mention that many of their celebrity guest stars are latin stars like Juanes, Emilio & Gloria Estefan (Miami royalty), and Paulina Rubio. 

Reason #2 The Virginity Issue

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Yes, the protagonist is a virgin and waiting for marriage to lose it, and that’s not something we usually see on television or in media, period. It’s representing a portion of the population we don’t normally recognize. However, what I LOVE about the way they’re handling it is that Jane’s virginity does not make her a prude or saint. She’s human and makes mistakes and has her own imperfections, it just so happens that she is a virgin.

Reason #3 It’s a Telenovela

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The show is based on a Venezuelan telenovela from the early 2000s. But, as someone who has watched the original show, Jane the Virgin is a lot more dramatic than the original. It uses all the tropes telenovelas are known for from miraculous births, wedding or birth finales, crazy identities, evil stepmothers, and so much more. The show knows it’s ridiculous which lends itself for humor.

Reason #4 Bilingual Show

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Notice the “in spanish”

One of my favorite sitcoms was Que Pasa en USA from the 70s and it was bilingual. The characters easily spoke spanish and english with ease and they are understood each other. Jane the Virgin has this too where characters speak spanish and english in the same scene and understand each other with ease. I love this about JTV because it’s so true to life (at least my life) where households easily go back and forth between the languages.

Reason #5 Love Triangle Works

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For the most part, I despise love triangles. They’re not believable and most of the time you know who the protagonist will choose in the end. In JTV, the decision between Rafael and Michael is hard. They’re both great and have faults of their own making the choice difficult for the audience and Jane as well.

Reason #6 Modern Family

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The lives of the characters and their roles within this expanding family get increasingly more difficult and stranger. Despiute the chaos, the characters mange with their odd little family and when you see them getting along, it is so worth it. So much so, that I almost want to cry happy tears.

Reason #7 Great Writing

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The writing on this show is phenomenal. I’m not even sure if I can explain this properly but the writers know what they’re doing from writing dialogues, to the narrator’s voiceover, to the way they cut from scene to scene.

Reason #8 It’s Relevant

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The show is also relevant and point things out like immigration reform and the clusterf&*# that is Venezuela today. (Seriously, google Venezuela and you might be horrendously surprised with what’s going on over there) They’re aware of the issue and inject it in the story in a somewhat subtle way, but they don’t drive the rest of the story.

Reason #9 The Narrator

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I think this is the only show to have a narrating voice through the whole show, and I love it. He might not be an actual character, but he is one of my favorite persons in the show. And makes the show unique and special from the others.

Reason #10 Rogelio

Image result for rogelio gif

Image result for rogelio gif

For those who don’t know seeing Jaime Camil in this role of a self absorbed, celebrity obsessed, narcissist telenovela star with a good heart is priceless and funny in itself. Jaime Camil in real life was known for his mexican telenovelas. I know of them although I never watched them, but he is by far one of my favorite characters.

Reason #11 Petra

Image result for petra gif jane the virgin

Related image

As much as I’d like to properly explain this one, I can’t because of spoilers.

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