BOOK REVIEW: We Are Okay by Nina Lacour

TITLE: We Are Okay


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AUTHOR: Nina Lacour
SUMMARY: Marin went off to college in the hope of forgetting what happened at the end of last summer, but when her best friend Mabel comes to visit her, the past comes rushing back into her life.
GENRE: Young Adult | LGBT+ | Contemporary | Realistic Fiction

This whole summer has been filled with books that have taken me several days to finish but I’m astonished that I actually read this book in two days. TWO DAYS! That might not sound like an accomplishment for some, but it is for me.

I first got this book after seeing it on bookstagram quite a few times. I initially thought it was a graphic novel from the cover, I didn’t even bother to do much research before buying it. So basically, I bought it for the cover. #shame It sat there on my shelf for quite a while and I got discouraged when I heard some people say they didn’t like the book. If it weren’t for @booknerd_reads on Instagram mentioning that it had LGBT+ characters, I may have never picked it up. Thankfully, I did pick it up, read it, and loved it.

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It reminded me of This One Summer because of it’s quietness. It’s not loud with action, it’s a book about loneliness, grief, first love, and family. I realize, that sounds horribly sad (and it is at times) but the way Lacour was able to write Marin’s story was captivating and I couldn’t put it down. I felt everything Marin felt and by the end of the book I was crying because there were so many feels. What else could I have asked for on this unexpected emotional journey?

Did I mention the writing was amazing? Because it really is. Besides feeling everything Marin was feeling, I could clearly imagine the wintery setting vs the California sun. I wish I had more words to describe the writing, but I can’t find them so here’s a gif instead.

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Part of the reason I read this book is because it features an LGBT+ character, and I usually don’t read LGBT+ books, so I wanted to give this one a try. Although, Marin is gay it’s never an issue, and it was nice to see that it wasn’t an issue, it just was. She has bigger problems to cope with and her sexuality is not one of them.

Before reading this book, someone told me they didn’t like it because it was boring. I don’t think it’s boring. I loved the quietness. I loved the Marin’s emotional journey. I loved the winter setting. I loved the ending. Perhaps, the book isn’t for people looking for action or full blown romance on every page, but it’s still such a good book.


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