5 Reasons to Watch Black Mirror

When I first heard of this Netflix show, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I am so glad I started watching it. It’s one of my favorite shows ever and definitely my favorite show Netflix has ever produced.

REASON #1: It’s an Anthology

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One of the things I like about Black Mirror is that it’s not serialized, meaning you can watch any episode in any order and your viewing experience won’t change because of it. I still recommend watching it in order (maybe it’s me being picky about order, there is a reason why they distributed the episodes in the order they chose) but it’s also refreshing and relaxing to know that there’s no pressure in watching the show in any particular order. They’re like standalone books instead of series… and you know how much I love my standalones.

It’s not enough for this show to have completely different stories each episode, it also has a completely different cast every episode too.

REASON #2: It’s Really Weird / Very Science Fiction

This show is weird, there is no other way to describe it. It’s so interesting to see how they incorporate different types of technology in each episode from nano-bot bees to realistic game simulators. The premise of each episode sucks you into a new mind boggling world that leaves you wondering what happens next. All the episodes have some elements of dystopian worlds, but some are more futuristic than others, but they are all F*&#ed up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

REASON #3: It Has a Message

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At face value, the show appears to be weird with no real plot or story besides showcasing a weird world, but it has a message. Weird fiction as a genre almost always has a message that delivered through it’s weirdness, Black Mirror is no different. The episode, Nosedive demonstrates how social media can either better or ruin our lives. I also has a few episodes showing what happens when people take justice into their own hands and how it’s not always a good thing.

REASON #4: Twists and Turns

For a show that switches the characters and casts it sure can pack an emotional punch to the gut within an hour of meeting a new character. There are several episodes where I’m left incredibly conflicted about the protagonists and that’s always a good sign of a good show.

Whenever you start a new episode, you’re shoved into a new world and its along with the characters that you start uncovering what is happening in the show. It’s a slow process to the realization that the world is really F&*%ed up.

REASON #5: Easter Eggs

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Every episode is completely independent from the other but is it really? The show has a bunch of Easter Eggs in each episode. There are several mentions or callbacks to the Prime Minister from The National Anthem”, or the logo from White Bear”, or how about that song that keeps popping up from “Fifteen Million Merits”. They’re simply Easter Eggs hidden for your viewing pleasure, it also makes me want to watch the show again.

 WARNING: This is a show that is DEFINITELY not suitable for children.
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