6 Unsatisfying Endings to Shows and Movies

Endings are tricky and not everyone gets them right. I like my endings tidy with no loose ends. There are exceptions to those vague endings like Inception, but I am willing to accept those if they make me think instead of going crazy with the unresolved plot lines. This is especially true for TV shows where there’s a lot of different characters and plot lines to conclude. So here, are some of my least favorite endings of TV shows and movies.

Teen Titans “Things Change”

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This might be the show’s finale, but it has no closure whatsoever! All it does is fill me with this unresolved achey feeling in me every time that I think about it. Beast Boy returns to find Terra, one of my favorite complicated characters; she was good, then she was evil, then became a rock, and now she’s back with a major case of amnesia! Wait what?!


How in the world did that happen exactly? She was rock! She shows no memory of the Titans or even her powers. I know the series is trying to show that things change, but couldn’t they do that at the beginning of a new season instead of at the end of the show?

P.S. Terra turning into a rock was really disturbing for me as child. I’m still not quite over it either.

Gone Girl (2014)

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This one doesn’t belong on this list the same way the others do. I loved the movie, but I feel so bad for Nick knowing he has no way out of their broken marriage that the ending only made me angry. When the scene cut to black, all I could say was “THAT’S IT? THERE HAS TO BE MORE!”

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Black Mirror‘s “Metalhead”

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If you read my reviews for Black Mirror‘s season 4, then you know this was not my favorite episode of the season… or the show. Most of the endings on this show are somewhat open ended, but none of them felt less gratifying than in “Metalhead”. I felt so lost watching this episode because I didn’t understand anything that was happening. I wanted to learn why this metal dogs were hunting people, how did the world get that way, but I never learned why, so when the ending came I was like, “So what?”

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In my opinion, the this is the least developed Black Mirror episode of the entire show.


The Vampire Diaries

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I spent 8 years watching this show. It had it’s low points and high points, but the ending didn’t entirely did it for me. I mean, it made me cry like a baby, but the ending montage was just okay. When shows end I either like seeing the world get blown to pieces, or a montage of the characters years later. I didn’t really get either with The Vampire Diaries. It ended in a good place and the season was great, but I wasn’t wowed. Mind you, this is a show I spent 8 years watching.

I think it would have been cool to see how they all grow and die as humans… Yeah, that sounds morbid, but for a show centered around immortality and dependent on resuscitation (and lots of coffins as temporary beds), it would have been cool to see the characters accept their eventual mortal deaths. Kinda like, Six Feet Under.

Except Caroline, I love Caroline.


How I Met Your Mother

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More like How I Met Your Aunt Robin Who I Still Love And Want Your Permission To Marry Now That I Have Kids And That Was the Deal Breaker With Her! I think I said enough.

P.S. the ending would have been perfect IF Ted didn’t go running off to Robin.

Merhamet / Mercy

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I watched the entirety of this Turkish drama, and I’ll admit, I didn’t love it, but I still stuck around to see what would happen to the characters.

I should have given up instead because the ending is so bad. Not only do they kill off two main characters for no reason, they also have too many loose ends for comfort. My worries were with Sadiye, because the poor girl had been through so much, I just wanted to know if she was going to be okay. What happened to her? Did she stay with Khan? What was her reaction to the deaths? I guess I’ll never know now.

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6 thoughts on “6 Unsatisfying Endings to Shows and Movies

  1. I hear ya. TV Series Finales can be super tricky sometimes. I watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother so many years after the finale aired that I didn’t really mind how it ended. So much time had gone by that at the point of where I finally watched it and I was aware of the ending, that is most likely the reason of why I didn’t mind it. Although, pretty sure if I watched it when it happened that I would of been agreeing with all the fans of the show as well, when the finale was found to be disappointing to pretty much everyone, lol. How you ever watched Six Feet Under? It was on HBO quite awhile ago now, but it is literally my favorite TV Series Finale of all time. I actually wrote a whole blog post about how it was the perfect series finale.

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