BOOK REVIEW: Tomboy by Liz Prince

TITLE: Tomboy Related image
AUTHOR: Liz Prince
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Liz Prince is a girl who wants to be a boy but the world keeps trying to tell her differently.
GENRE: Young Adult | Graphic Novel | Memoir | Non-Fiction

I picked this up about two weeks ago from my library and only recently did I actually pick it up and read it. I thought I would read a chapter or two and before I knew it I read the whole book in about two hours. I could not put it down because it’s a funny, relatable, honest account of Prince’s time growing up.

The book deals with Prince’s gender non-conforming way of being. If you don’t know what that is or want more information then I highly recommend reading this book. In simpler terms it means that someone doesn’t conform or act the way people think they should act according to their gender. For Prince, a girl, it means she hates dresses, wears her hair short, and wishes that she was a boy.

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I found it to be very enlightening because I don’t know what it was like growing up as a tomboy even though I knew girls who were. After reading this novel, I can’t imagine that it was ever or is easy to be a tomboy when the world tells you differently. Thankfully, for Liz she had understanding parents who allowed her to be whoever she wanted. Books like these helps to realize that everyone has their own struggle and it’s a reminder to be a little nicer when talking to other people.

Now, I’m not a tomboy but you don’t need to be one to understand Liz’s predicament in in this graphic memoir. Growing up, going through puberty, is difficult, confusing, and at times very scary, and she has a wonderful way of showing it in the book. No matter your gender, age, race, or sexuality, please read this book!


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