Review: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

TITLE: Persepolis Image result for persepolis book cover
AUTHOR: Marjane Satrapi
SUMMARY: Marjane tells the story of her childhood and teenage years living in Iran in the midst of the Islamic Revolution.
GENRE: Graphic Novel | Memoir | Coming of Age | Non-Fiction
NOTE: I read the The Complete Persepolis which has all the volumes in one book.

Persepolis shows why it is important to read about authors from different cultures from ours. Thanks to Marjane’s graphic memoir, I learned so much about Iran’s history and it’s people. In all honesty, I knew very little about Iran, Iranians, or the Islamic Revolution (or that there even was an Islamic Revolution). But after reading this I know about these things a lot more than I did before.

I think it’s an important read especially today that there are so many misconceptions about Muslims (although I think it’s changing… hopefully). Living in the US we’re so used to “othering” Muslims and this book more than anything shows that we’re more alike than we think. They care about their families, about their country’s future, and… Madonna (this was the 80s). It debunks the stereotype of the meek Muslim woman because the heroine of the story is strong, independent, intelligent, with her own values and political views. I would even go further to say she’s a feminist. Unfortunately, we don’t associate any of this with Muslim women, and thankfully Marjane Satrapi is changing that with this book.

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Although the story talks about Iran’s history, it is heavily intertwined with Marjane’s life story. She is funny and candid in telling her story, making her quite relatable. She talks about growing up in a war-torn country and the helplessness feeling she got as a result. She also tells stories about her family, friendships, and boyfriends. There is something everyone can  to relate to.

The art is simple and exclusively in black and white, however I really liked it. I also enjoyed the writing and the way she told her story, but for some reason or the other it didn’t captivate me a 100%. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because I got bored halfway through and it took me a long time to finish it. I can blame this on school, work, reading slumps, myself, but I never felt that need to put aside everything else to read this (and trust me, I’ve had this happen to me before).

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Other than that, I would still recommend this book because everything I mentioned before.

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Mini Reviews: Fables Volumes 14 & 15

TITLE: Fables: Witches Image result for Fables witches
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: The witches of Fabletown have a change in leadership in the hopes of defeating the Dark One, meanwhile Flycatcher plays baseball.

QUICK REVIEW: This is still very much setting up the story for the upcoming volumes, as far as I could tell. I’m intrigued by the witches and the magic they’ve done for Fabletown. I liked the backstory for the Dark One and I like the general direction this is going in. I’m surprised the human fables and animal fables have gotten so well together since they’re all living together.


Image result for Fables rose redTITLE: Fables: Rose Red
RATING: 4.5/5
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Rose Red and Snow White’s early childhood is revealed, while Totenkinder has one more trick up her sleeve to defeat Mister Dark

QUICK REVIEW: This has to be one of my favorite volumes from the series along with Volume 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers. (If I hadn’t already said I would never give a fables comic 5 stars because of how the unimportant side story comics and inconsistent art style, I would have given this one 5 stars.) I loved the two story arcs in this volume. The flashback to Rose Red and Snow White’s childhood was fun to see because of how they twisted and manipulated the original fairytales for Fables. I miss seeing these little differences from the traditional fairytales. As for Mister Dark, I enjoyed the extra information about these powerful immortal like gods and what they are. (I won’t say because spoilers.) Just when I think about giving up on the Fables, they do something like this and I can’t help but read more.

Mini Reviews: Fables Vol. 11-13

TITLE: Fables: War and PiecesImage result for fables war and pieces
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: The Fabletown residents finally go to war with against the adversary and their forces.

QUICK REVIEW: I’ll be honest; I didn’t like this installment. Mostly, because war and battles are not interesting to me, most of it goes over my head and bores me. However, it was bad. I’ve been waiting for this big battle against the adversary for 11 volumes, and it was a disappointment. It didn’t feel like the big final battle to me until I read the end. It was a huge letdown.

Image result for fables the dark agesTITLE: Fables: The Dark Ages
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: As old and new Fabletown residents deal with the results of the war, a new evil is after them.

QUICK REVIEW: The last volume felt very final, the war is over, the adversary is defeated, and everyone seems to be recuperating, right? WRONG! Willingham brings us a new foe who looking creepy and a lot more terrifying than the Adversary. I am excited about this new chapter in the Fables universe. Ironically, this volume had the emotional weight that was missing from War and Pieces.

P.S. They keep changing the style and adding stories that are not important and that continues to bother me and perhaps the reason why I’ll never give these volumes a 5/5.

TITLE: Fables: The Great Fables CrossoverImage result for Fables: The Great Fables Crossover
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Jack Horner is back in town telling everyone the world is ending, so it’s up to Bigby and Snow to investigate.

QUICK REVIEW: I hated and loved this volume at the same time. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting from Fables when it comes to a cohesive volume. I thought the writer and his “literals” and “genres” were funny and a genius way to break the fourth wall. I loved that aspect of this volume BUT, this volume is a massive waste of time because it’s ONE GIANT digression from the real story. In other words, it’s a filler volume, and I’m not a big fan of filler volumes. As much as I enjoyed these new characters, I also kept thinking “why is this important?” Not to mention, Jack is one of the most unlikeable Fables, and he hasn’t changed one bit since the last time we saw him (if anything he’s worse).