Top 5 Wednesday: Redemption Arcs

August 22: Redemption Arcs
–I think it’s about time to revisit this topic shall we

Normally, with Top 5 Wednesdays my lists are in now particular order and I to pick stuff from different books, movies, or shows, but today’s list is mostly Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Avatar: The Last Airbender, AND goes in descending order from good to gooder (I know that’s not a word). With that said this post is full spoilers, redemption, and honor!

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Top 5 Wednesday: Favorites You’d Like to Revisit

Favorites You’d Like to Revisit
— What favorite books would you like to re-read? These don’t just need to be books, they can also be TV, movies, video games, etc.

Note: The following are books I consider favorite books but I’ve only read them once and I would like to reread them again someday.

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MUSIC MONDAY: “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron

TITLE: “The Night We Met”Related image
SINGER: Lord Huron
SONGWRITERS: Ben Schneider
ALBUM: Strange Trails
GENRE: Indie Rock | Indie Alternative
LENGTH: 3:28 minutes
LINKS: The Night We Met – Audio | The Night We Met – Lyric Video
MUSIC BOOK TIE-IN: The song was featured in the TV adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, and in the case I have read the book numerous times and have watched the first and second season of the show. Continue reading

What’s In My Bookshelf Tag


  • Link back to me so I can see everyone’s answers! (Naty’s Bookshelf)
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  • Name one book for each category; try not to repeat books to make this more fun!
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Note: Nobody tagged me but that’s never stopped me before and it certainly won’t this time either. Also, I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this tag because why not?

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5 Real Reasons Why I Buy Books

As much as I enjoy going to the library and checking out books for free, I also enjoy buying books to keep them for myself. Call me selfish if you want, but it’s nice to have books at my disposal instead of having to drive to the library for a book or two. But there are five major reasons why I buy them, and it’s not just the comforting feeling they bring me.

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Writing Poetry for Class – “My Only Light”

I don’t consider myself a poet, never have, never will be, and I’ll even be the first to admit that I completely suck at it. But, this past month I was taking a summer class on creative writing, which unfortunately (or fortunately) required me to write a couple of poems. I’m still no expert and according to my professor, my poetry could be better, which

I’m not disputing that my poetry needs work, but I am disputing that her feedback is lame. She said, “the literal situation needs to be clear” and that I should “”avoid language that is not concrete as in ‘hope in his eyes,’ “. Also, that I should “Think about whether you are, in fact, creating images.”

Normally, I love constructive criticism on my writing because I believe it will make me a better writer. However, this really rubbed me the wrong way because after so many years of reading poems in school as well as my own ventures, I couldn’t believe this was my feedback. 1) Because I’ve seen so many poems that are so vague they’re incomprehensible 2) I thought poetry was about playing with words and breaking the rules, simply because you can, and 3) All I was thinking about was imagery. More than anything, I think poetry, and all literature is about expression and evoking emotions.

Perhaps, she’s right, after all, she’s the professor and I’m the student writing bad poetry. However, I can’t shake this feeling that in this case, I’m not wrong, and that maybe her feedback is just B.S.

The following poem is one of the pieces I wrote for class and the only one I’m willing to share because. It’s not the original, and while it’s not the same one I submitted, it’s the version I liked best.

“My Only Light” by Saily Marrero

The sea glistened like his forehead
Slick, salty, and sweaty,
But with a hope in his eyes
Hotter than the sun above.

And my tearless tears;
Barren, hungry, and thirsty.
I grew desperate,
But that wasn’t new.

An entire lifetime on that island
Showed me nothing but needs,
And wants,
And only one viable option.

So we fled at night
In a sea of stars;
A pinpricked darkness,
Swallowing us whole.

With Esperanza in my arms
In 90 miles of darkness
She was my only light
The only light I saw.


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MUSIC MONDAY: “Wish That You Were Here” by Florence + The Machine

This is something I’ve been wanting to do on this blog for a while. I tend to talk about books, movies, and shows because they are narratives and I feel comfortable enough to review them and give my opinions on them. However, I can’t seem to do the same with music because I don’t know much about it other than knowing that I like listening to some songs more than others.

I am not a musical person, I don’t play instruments, and I cannot sing or keep a tune to save my life, but I do like listening to it. But, I am a reader and I love to listen and read the lyrics to songs. This is where the English major in me comes into play, because I love looking at lyrics and deciphering what they mean. It’s a lot like reading a poem, except you have a melody to accompanying it.

Anyway, this is a new feature I wanted to add to my blog. A couple of times a month, or whenever I can’t stop thinking about a song, I’ll post a lyric with my own interepretation of what that song means. I’ll probably be wrong, but I can’t wait to see what you guys think.

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