99 English Major Problems and Words are All of Them

  1. Not being able to take all the classes you would like
  2. Not reading everything you should for classes
  3. Choosing what to read and what not to read
  4. Too many readingsRelated image
  5. Not having time to read your own books’
  6. Geeking out about books you’re going to read for school
  7. Writing essays
  8. But, secretly enjoying essays at the same time
  9. Being asked “Do you want to be a teacher?” when you actually don’tImage result for no gif
  10. Not having a concrete plan after graduation
  11. Deciding whether or not to apply for grad school
  12. Having to explain why you chose English as your major
  13. People not understanding the importance of literature
  14. People questioning your major
  15. People saying your major is “not hard”Image result for annoyed gifImage result for rolling eyes gif
  16. Those annoying mandatory linguistics class
  17. Those annoying mandatory Renaissance class
  18. Realizing that neither of those courses are that bad
  19. Being nervous about talking in class
  20. Talking in class and forgetting the point you were going to make
  21. Hoping that the professor doesn’t call on your when you haven’t done the reading
  22. Having to pretend that you did do the reading
  23. Random in class quizzes
  24. Failing the in class quizzes
  25. That random student who always makes a really good insightful comment
  26. That random student that talks too much but doesn’t say anything meaningful
  27. That random student who never reads anything and does really wellImage result for give me patience gif
  28. That random student who brings intersectional feminism into every topic
  29. When the discussion veers off to a completely different subject
  30. Staying quiet in class because you didn’t read
  31. When someone uses a word incorrectly
  32. When someone uses who and whom incorrectly
  33. When someone doesn’t know the difference between to, too, and two
  34. When someone doesn’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re
  35. When someone doesn’t know the difference between your and you’reImage result for you and you're gif
  36. When a friend thinks you have time to edit their essay or be their spellcheck
  37. You know, because they don’t see you writing 4 different essays or reading 4 different books at the same time
  38. Having to meet a word limit
  39. Not being able to go over a word limit
  40. Your best friends are Dictionary and Thesaurus
  41. Being swamped with so much you don’t want to read
  42. Forgetting why you chose to be an English majorImage result for what is life gif
  43. Completing your Goodreads goal of 100 books one month early
  44. People not understanding my love for good puns
  45. People not understanding my sense of humor
  46. Being excited about buying textbooks for class
  47. Then being broke, but at least now you have 10 new books
  48. When all the creative writing courses are on a different campus
  49. When a course you want is on a different campus
  50. When you can’t decide on classes or you schedule
  51. Coffee, coffee, coffee, and more coffeeImage result for coffee gifRelated image
  52. Hanging out at bookstore / café before class
  53. Discovering a used bookstore
  54. Used bookstores with great deals
  55. Writing on your school books
  56. Writing on books when you normally don’t
  57. Writing on books to help you out later when you’re writing essays
  58. When professors give you a very specific prompt
  59. When professors let you choose any topic
  60. When professors let you choose the book for your essay
  61. When professors don’t let you choose the book for your essay
  62. Having to write an essay on a book you didn’t like
  63. Rewriting your essay at least twice before turning it in
  64. Thinking you’re a genius as you write, and then realizing you’re notImage result for typing gifImage result for what did i do gif
  65. Not leaving the house with at least one book… just in case
  66. Having a mini pile of books on your bedside table
  67. Overanalyzing everything. The dress isn’t just purple because she spilled grape juice over it, there has to be more to it.Related image
  68. Water isn’t just water
  69. Wings isn’t just about flying
  70. Fire isn’t just fire
  71. Aliens aren’t just aliens
  72. Neither are any other supernatural creature
  73. Color is also very important
  74. Seeing and understanding patterns in storytelling
  75. Everything is a sex or phallic symbol
  76. More overanalyzingImage result for overanalyzing gif
  77. Coming up with joke / references no one else understands
  78. Reading for pleasure becomes a rarity
  79. Reading for pleasure after you’re done reading for school and falling asleep
  80. Unable to read even a chapter for pleasure
  81. Your most recent google search might include “Synonym for”
  82. Your most recent google search might include “definition of ”
  83. Your most recent google search might include “good books to read”Image result for googling gif
  84. Understanding the importance of the comma
  85. Knowing what are adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, determiners, and nounsImage result for english major gif
  86. Finding connections and meaning in everything you read
  87. People thinking you’ve read all the classics
  88. Meanwhile, Jane Eyre is still just sitting there
  89. Being told you’re not going to make any money
  90. Being perpetually tiredImage result for finals week gif
  91. Wondering when the semester is going to end
  92. Midterms are the worst
  93. No wait, finals are definitely the worstImage result for finals week gifRelated image
  94. English classes are very talkative
  95. Happy about seeing a graphic novel on the reading list
  96. Movies and TV shows are also literature
  97. Rereading a book you read from an old class again for a new class
  98. Refusing to go on a semester without your favorite professor
  99. Realizing there’s nothing else you’d rather major inImage result for yeah gif

I’m pretty sure I can come up with a lot more, but for now let’s stop here. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. If you’re an English major (or any major / school) what are some of your problems?

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Popular Characters I Don’t Like

There are a lot of things in pop culture I don’t care for or I just don’t understand the hype surrounding it. That includes some characters from popular shows and books. Before I continue, I want to say these are just my opinions. If you think differently, please let me know, I’d love to know why you do love these characters, maybe you’ll help me change my mind about them.

Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door

Image result for lola and and the boy next door

I’ve never heard any one say something bad about this book or its characters, and I for the most part loved this book… except for Lola. In the book she spends the majority of her time making outrageous outfits to wear every day. I have no problem with that, but it always felt like she was hiding something and she was. I never felt like I knew who was the real Lola, and that really bugged me. In some ways it felt like she never once let her guard down, and from a reader’s standpoint, I would have liked to see some vulnerability from her. No make-up no big outfit, just her.


Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

Image result for rory gif

I’m sure I’m going to get crucified for this but, it’s true I don’t like Rory Gilmore. Why? She’s too perfect in an annoying sort of way. Even when she makes mistakes it’s not the type of mistake that is fun to watch on screen. She is beautiful, very smart, mostly rich, and everyone she ever meets loves her. Doesn’t that sound annoying? Maybe I am wrong, after all it feels like the entire world is in love with Rory and the show, but me. If you like Rory (or don’t) please let me know. I honestly don’t know why I’ve kept watching the show if I keep cringing all the way through.


Mako from Legend of Korra

Image result for mako avatar gif

I’ll be honest, I once liked Mako in the beginning of the show. I especially loved him in the later seasons, but I did not like him in the first two seasons. Why? Because he was a horrible boyfriend to Asami and later again with Korra. He never officially broke up with Asami before he started seeing Korra. He then lied to Korra about ever breaking up after he had kissed Asami during their break! That love triangle was just one big clusterf&*@, and clearly Mako didn’t handle it well. I much prefer his awkward self in books 3 and 4 than his complicated relationship self from books 1 and 2.

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Books Before Blogging, Booktube, or Bookstagram

It’s hard to imagine a world without books and without all the platforms I’ve chosen to follow book bloggers from WordPress, Youtube, or Instagram. But, there was a time when the online book community was not part of my life. In some ways it was a simpler time for example, I had time to re-read more books, my TBR list was much smaller, and I didn’t have my book buying compulsion issue. This also means I would choose my books without reading reviews or recommendations!

Related image

So here’s a list of books I read before following or joining the online book community!

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My Anticipated Releases of 2017

I’m not one to get overly excited for upcoming books, but of course I do have some exceptions. This year I’ve pre-ordered a couple of books, none of which I have in my hands and they’re testing my patience.

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

Image result for without merit colleen hoover

Colleen Hoover is one of the few authors I have on autobuy. That means I don’t need much convincing in buying books from her. All I need is the money to buy it. With that said, I have a vague idea about what this book is, but ultimately I have no clue what it’s about, but I’m getting and I’m going to read it. This is good because I’m running out of Hoover books to read.

RELEASE DATE: October 3, 2017

Legend of Korra comics

Image result for legend of korra comic

I’ve been waiting for these comics since they announced them almost two years ago (feels more like two centuries ago). As far as I know, these comics will be a continuation of the series and I’m excited because the world can never have too much Avatar. I will finally see more of my adorable turtleduck ship, Korrasami.

RELEASE DATE: August 8, 2017

There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Image result for there's someone inside your house by stephanie perkins

This is a horror (thriller?) story by Stephanie Perkins. I have no idea what to expect from it considering she’s written some of the most adorable and some of my favorite YA romance books *cough cough* Anna and the French Kiss but this is horror a completely different genre from AATFK. But I’m excited either way especially since I’ve been trying to read different genres than what I usually go for.

RELEASE DATE: September 26, 2017

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Image result for john green turtles all the way down

This was announced just a couple of days ago so I almost didn’t put it on this list. John Green is one of my favorite authors since I read most of his books in high school. I’ve been patiently waiting for a new book for years now, and finally my patience is being rewarded! I’m particularly interested in this novel because it the protagonist has her own mental health issues, and I’m interested in seeing how Green will tackle that. I’m also hoping there’s something about turtles and hopefully ducks, but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

RELEASE DATE: October 10, 2017


Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff  

(The Illuminae Files_03)

Image result for obsidio illuminae

This is the only book on this list that won’t be released until next year.

Within the last year I have read both Illuminae and Gemina a science fiction series that takes place in space with crazy computers and aliens, and it’s all told through a dossier (documents, transcriptions, etc.). Obsidio is the third installment (and final?) and I’m excited to see what the authors come up with. The series is amazing and one of my favorites, and for someone who doesn’t venture that often into sci-fi books or space books, or book series, that means something. Did I mention these are beautifully crafted books? The dust cover is beautiful. The book without the dust cover is beautiful. The inside pages are beautiful. It’s so beautiful sometimes I wonder what it would look like if the pages were in color.

RELEASE DATE: March 2018

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I Got 99 Bookish Problems and My Dog is One of Them

  1. I like to read out loud but when someone comes into the room I read quietly because I don’t want to be annoying
  2. I get annoyed when people talk to me when I’m readingreading-in-bed-gif
  3. People look at me weird when I get emotional over a book
  4. People look at me weird if I squeal, gasp, grunt, etc. while reading
  5. Or when I laugh out loudImage result for laughing while reading gif
  6. Making excuses to buy books
  7. Letting your wallet suffer because you bought books
  8. Waiting for your favorite author to publish another book
  9. Waiting for the next book in a series
  10. Not having a big enough purse to put your book or books in
  11. Not being able to choose just one book when you travelImage result for reading gif
  12. Going into every bookshop you find on your travel or airport
  13. Wanting to buy all the books
  14. Having a TBR list that will never end
  15. Having a TBR list that never stops growing
  16. Reading slumps
  17. School somehow stops me from reading books I want to read
  18. Having / wanting to read a book before the movie
  19. Feeling sort of guilty over not reading the book before the movie
  20. Having to deal with people who only watch the movies
  21. Having to deal with people who don’t bother reading because there is a movie / show about it
  22. Never leaving the house without a bookImage result for rory's study spot gif
  23. Finding the perfect reading spot
  24. Finding the perfect reading positionImage result for sheldon's spot gif
  25. Having your perfect reading spot invaded by someone else
  26. Only having the night to read but then fall asleep
  27. Not being able to choose how to reorganize my bookshelf
  28. Asking books for special occasions or gift cards to B&N
  29. Buying books for their beautiful books
  30. Buying books and not reading them
  31. Staying up late to read books
  32. Risking precious sleeping time to finish a bookImage result for rory's study spot gif
  33. Avoiding spoilers
  34. Avoiding spoilers and then failing
  35. Not reading fast enough
  36. Rushing through the book because it’s so good you want to see the end
  37. Not wanting to finish a book because it’s so good
  38. Not having matching book series
  39. Picking up books at the library when you already have books at home
  40. Having to read the library books first because they have due dates
  41. Having to let go of the library booksImage result for letting go gif
  42. Being excited for school to end to read more books in summer vacation
  43. Being the only person excited for summer vacation for that reason
  44. Being the only person that reads
  45. Not being able to express all the feelings and thoughts about a book in one review
  46. People who say reading is boring
  47. People who say they don’t readImage result for people who don't read gif
  48. No self-control over “rationing” my reading
  49. Being horrible at buddy reading because most likely I won’t be able to just read a couple of chapters
  50. Having a reading journal because I don’t trust Goodreads
  51. When Goodreads doesn’t let you add a book you re-read to your yearly goal
  52. Forgetting to eat when you’re reading
  53. Forgetting to breathe when an intense scene is happening
  54. An unsatisfying ending
  55. An unsatisfying bookImage result for reading too much gif
  56. Being the only one to dislike a hyped up book
  57. Forgetting all your biological needs to read
  58. Not being able to read in the shower
  59. Not being able to read while driving (except for audiobooks)
  60. Not having audiobooks for car rides
  61. People preferring to listen to music on long car rides than an audiobook
  62. The nonexistence of waterproof books
  63. Not having your dream library yet
  64. Not being able to read inside the pool
  65. Surprising people with my reading skills
  66. Surprising people with my reading speedImage result for reading problem gif
  67. Not taking good enough pictures for bookstagram
  68. Not knowing how to take good pictures but doing it anyway
  69. Hiding your books from your puppy
  70. When your puppy eats your books!
  71. Having a leak on the roof dangerously close to your bookshelf
  72. Not having enough bookshelf space
  73. Having to buy another bookshelf
  74. Squeezing your books on your bookshelf
  75. Feeling emotionally attached to your books
  76. Lending books to your friends
  77. Lending books and never getting them back
  78. Lending books and getting them back damagedImage result for evil person gif
  79. When a friend loses the beautiful dust jacket
  80. Considering buying the book for the pretty dust jacket
  81. People who bend the pages
  82. People who dog ear their pages
  83. Having to explain I don’t dog ear my books but I do write on them
  84. I also highlight, but it’s mostly for school
  85. Buying sticky notes to mark your favorite parts of your favorite book
  86. Risk looking crazy and incoherent when your describe your favorite bookImage result for reading problem gif
  87. Trying to convince someone to read and failing
  88. Buying books online and risking receiving a damaged books
  89. Books are expensive
  90. When someone recommends you a book and adding it to your TBR list
  91. When B&N is far away
  92. When there are no bookstores close to home
  93. Seeing a kid break a book
  94. When little kids don’t see the joy in reading
  95. Worrying that my future kids won’t like reading
  96. Wanting to relive reading your favorite book for the first timeImage result for reading gif
  97. Wanting everyone to read your favorite book
  98. Wanting everyone to enjoy your favorite book
  99. Losing a book

Those are just some of my bookish problems. I’m sure there are more. Let me know what are your bookish / reading problems? Let me know in the comments below.

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How & Where I Get My Books

As a book lover I need books to survive but sometimes obtaining books can be difficult especially when it’s a financial strain. So here I compiled a list of ways to get books from easy and free, to not so easy or free, to definitely not free and hard.



I love the library and go there often for books of the graphic novels variety and movies. I made a whole post about 6 Reasons to Go to the Library why you should at least have a library card. This is the easiest way to get books for free unless you turn it in late, and besides your taxes are already paying for it… so maybe it’s not that free.

Image result for library gif

Bookworm Friends

I don’t do this as much anymore but when I was younger a large portion of the books I read came from friends. It’s just as free as the library and its without any late fees.

Blogging for Books

This is a website for book bloggers that sends you free books. All you have to do is sign up, pick a book, write a review, post it on your blog and on their site, and repeat. The only catch is that you must have a blog and you can’t pick more than one book at a time. For more information, go to their website Blogging for Books.


For this method patience is key because your birthday only comes once a year. However, it’s a good way to get books for free from family members. Using this method, I was able to get half of the Twilight Saga (way back in middle school) and my favorite book from 2016, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood.



Goodwill and Thrift Stores

Most Goodwill stores will have a book section and they don’t have the best selection or in the best condition, but you would be surprised what you can find there. The best part is that the books cost $1 at most. One time I went and bought ten books for $10, and they weren’t in horrible conditions. Sometimes I go just to try my luck.


I usually use this website when I’m getting the itch to buy books but I don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount. They have a wider selection to choose from and the books price range from $3 to $20, but they offer a lot of discounts and customer rewards. If you buy $10 worth of books shipping and handling is automatically free, and you’d be amazed how many books you can get for $10 on this website (but it’s not as many as Goodwill). The biggest downside is that the books don’t always come in great condition because it is an online thrift book shop, but if you want you can pay more to get them in better condition as long as they have it. Go to Thriftbooks.com for more information.




I use Amazon a lot for my book buying because it is so convenient. I just buy it online and it gets sent to my house two days later (thanks to my Prime Membership) and I don’t have to drive anywhere. Unfortunately, it can be expensive if you’re buying directly from Amazon. You can try your luck with their marketplace but the books aren’t always in a great condition and sometimes they turn out to be more expensive than buying from Amazon directly.

Barnes & Noble

This is the most inconvenient option for me because all the bookstores in my town have closed over the years.

Image result for moment of silence gif

And now the closest bookstore is not only in another city, but it’s in another county! So, I don’t go as often as I would if it was within range. Besides, books are more expensive at the store, and gas is expensive too, so a trip to B&N is quite costly for me.



Major in English

If you’re like me and hate to waste money and need an excuse to spend money on anything, including books among other necessities, then majoring in English can help with your book buying. As an English student you will be expected to buy books for school and that will be the only excuse you will need to buy them. However, it has major drawback like every issue and problem that comes with going to school. But, at least you will have books to read.

Holiday Excuses for Books

You have to use creativity to get books for every holiday you celebrate. While it’s easy to ask for gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, and/or Chanukah, the other holidays are tricky. I’m not saying the following excuses will work on most people, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Image result for shrug gif

Halloween: Instead of candy ask for books

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate is not good for brain but books are. This however can be disputed, try asking for both.

Independence Day: As an independent person, we should all choose to read whichever book we want therefore to the bookstore! Also, the founding fathers read a lot.

Easter: Instead of hunting eggs laid by the Easter bunny, send him a letter asking for books instead. I’m sure it will be a lot easier for him to buy books for you than laying eggs because he is male and a bunny and neither can lay eggs (as far as I know).

Thanksgiving Day: Because I am so thankful for reading, I should receive books to continue my reading habits.

Okay, so the last two methods are not meant to be taken serious, but everything else is a viable option for us bibliophiles.

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Wanderlusting for Books

With Summer around the corner many people will start going on vacation and traveling the world, its made me think of some of the book that give me Wanderlust. And don’t forget to comment your favorite traveling book.

The Cat King of Havana by Tom Crosshill

Image result for the Cat King of Havana

Cuba might not be a prime vacation pick, yet, but I love the way Crosshill described Cuba in this YA novel. His depiction of my island is right on point describing the people, the culture, and the difficulties the country faces today. It also happened to be an entertaining and funny read. FULL REVIEW.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Related image

I was once fooled by the title and and original cover of this book, but it soon became one of my favorite books. It features the perfect balance of Paris and romance. I’ve never been to Paris but this only fueled my wishes to someday travel and see everything Anna saw, which includes: Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and all the movie theaters.

Books by John Green

Image result for john green books

With the exception of Looking for Alaska, every time I read a book by John Green, it makes me want to grab a group of friends and go somewhere. The destination doesn’t even matter. He reminds me of how fun traveling can be with friends. Thanks to him I want to go a cross country roadtrip with friends.

Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino

Image result for before we were strangers

This book takes place in New York City, USA and although I’ve lived in the USA for the majority of my life, I’ve never been to the Big Apple. Before We Were Strangers is the way I’d like to imagine living in New York is like… full of things to do everyday. It’s adding fuel to my wanderlust wishes to go to New York someday… because you know… Hamilton. FULL REVIEW.

Image result for hamilton gif

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