5 Books I Want to Read Before the Movie or TV Show

As a person who enjoys reading and lives in a world where almost every movie and every show is based on a book, I try my best to read the books first and then watch the movie. However, that’s not always the case, and to be honest, I’m not super strict about it either. But, there are exceptions, there are book to movie adaptations I refuse to watch until I read the book, and sometimes I do a reread of them before watching the adaptation if I can. So, here’s a list of those books I haven’t read, that I want to read, before I watch their movies or TV shows.

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Monthly TV / Movie Wrap Up: April 2018

I watched so many things this past month. I may have had a essays and exams to do and study for, but watching movies were my way to de-stress from everything I had going on this past month between school and work. So I watched movies like there was no tomorrow!

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Monthly TV/Movie Wrap Up: March 2018

How is it possible to feel like I’ve watched a lot of movies and TV shows and also feel like I haven’t watched anything at all? It doesn’t make much sense but that’s exactly how I felt writing this wrap-up.

Anyway, this month I watched a couple of horror movies that weren’t that scary, but worth watching. I also watched a couple of period movies, most of which were great except one. And as for shows, I’m simply not in the mood to watch unless I’m pacing myself or they’re Tuskish TV dramas. Continue reading

6 Unsatisfying Endings to Shows and Movies

Endings are tricky and not everyone gets them right. I like my endings tidy with no loose ends. There are exceptions to those vague endings like Inception, but I am willing to accept those if they make me think instead of going crazy with the unresolved plot lines. This is especially true for TV shows where there’s a lot of different characters and plot lines to conclude. So here, are some of my least favorite endings of TV shows and movies.

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Monthly TV/Movie Wrap Up: February 2018

For February I definitely read a lot more books than watching shows and movies. I haven’t made much, if any, progress on Shameless. I watched a couple of movies, none of which I actually enjoyed, except maybe one.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Fifty Shades Trilogy

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TITLES: 50 Shades of Grey | 50 Shades Darker | 50 Shades of Freed
DIRECTOR: Sam Taylor Johnson | James Foley
RUN TIME: 128 minutes | 131 minutes | 105 minutes
SUMMARY: Anastasia Steele falls for Christian Gray, who introduces her to BDSM but who has a dark past. Together they learn how to be in a committed relationship while also coping with said past. And In spite of all the those people threatening to end their relationship, they don’t care because you know… sex.
STARRING: Dakota Johnson | Jamie Dornan | Marcia Gay Harden | Rita Ora
GENRE: Erotic romantic drama
WARNING: Graphic sex scenes… like a lot.
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TITLE: Brimstone Related image
DIRECTOR: Martin Koolhoven
RUN TIME: 148 minutes
SUMMARY: After a car accident, Samantha Kingston is forced to relive the same day over and over again until she starts reevaluating her life and those around her.
STARRING: Dakota Fanning | Kit Harington | Guy Pearce | Carice Van Houten
GENRE: Western | Thriller | Gothic | Drama
WARNING: This movie covers several serious subject matters such as child abuse.
RATING: 4.5/5

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