TV SHOW REVIEW: The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 1)

TITLE: The Handmaid’s Tale Image result for the handmaid's tale tv show poster
NO. OF SEASONS: 1 – Ongoing
EPISODES: 10 – Ongoing
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Because of the low birth rate in Gilead, handmaids are forced to bear children to the families of the commanders.
GENRE: Dystopian | Drama
NOTE: Based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name.
WARNING: Graphic scenes and subject matter.
RATING: 5/5 Continue reading


My Favorite True Crime Shows

Within the past year or so I’ve found out that I really like true crime stories whether they’re shows, podcasts, or YouTube videos. I find them as fascinating as they are disturbing, and most of the time they make me angry. So why do I keep watching them? Because I love seeing how the justice system works starting from evidence, interpreting the signs, finding the criminal, the court case, and eventually the verdict. I think this list shows a different aspect of how the justice system works in the U.S. whether we like it or not. Continue reading


TITLE: Girlboss Image result for girl boss poster
NETWORK: Netflix
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Loosely based on Sophia Amoruso’s real life rags to riches story by selling vintage clothing online.
GENRE: Comedy
NOTE: The series has been canceled after one season by Netflix.
WARNING: Explicit language and (somewhat) graphic scenes.
RATING: 3/5 Continue reading

My Favorite Shows Featuring Latinos

American TV shows like Modern FamilyThe Fosters, and even Lost featured Latino actors and characters, but they weren’t about Latinos. In fact, there are very few shows out there that have a majority Latino cast as the stars of the show. So for Hispanic Heritage month here are five of my favorite shows featuring Latino / Hispanic families. Continue reading

My Guilty Pleasure: Telenovelas

It is true. I watch telenovelas, and I love them.

Image result for guilty pleasure gif

I’ve been wanting to talk about my love of telenovelas and Turkish dramas on this blog for a long time, since I started this blog over a year ago, but every time I sat down to write about them my mind goes in a thousand different directions. I want to talk about everything from my personal history, my experience with them, and my favorites. In other words, I have too many thoughts and I never know how to organize them into coherent sentences. So, this Telenovela discussion will come in parts. Continue reading

Popular Characters I Don’t Like

There are a lot of things in pop culture I don’t care for or I just don’t understand the hype surrounding it. That includes some characters from popular shows and books. Before I continue, I want to say these are just my opinions. If you think differently, please let me know, I’d love to know why you do love these characters, maybe you’ll help me change my mind about them. Continue reading