Monthly Reading Wrap Up: May 2018

This month has been pretty hectic for me between summer classes and a new job with a weird schedule. It’s left me with very little free time for myself, much less read for fun. In fact, I only finished one book. This will probably be the trend for the upcoming months until I get accustomed to his schedule or at least until I’m able to change. Continue reading


5 of My Favorite Graphic Novel Memoirs and Biographies

Normally, I don’t read non fiction. I don’t really read memoirs, autobiographies, or biographies. I have nothing against them, I just find them weirdly intimidating. Maybe that’s why I’ve resorted to watching documentaries, podcasts, biographical movies, and graphic novels.

Yes, I said graphic novels. They can be just as insightful and detailed as any biography or memoir, plus they have pictures.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Greatest Showman (2017)

TITLE: The Greatest Showman Related image
DIRECTOR: Michael Gracey
RUN TIME: 105 minutes
SUMMARY: P. T. Barnum rises to fame and riches by risking it all for his famous circus acts involving extraordinary people including a bearded lady.
STARRING: Hugh Jackman | Michelle Williams| Rebecca Ferguson| Zac Efron | Zendaya
GENRE: Musical
RATING: 2.9/5 Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

TITLE: There’s Someone Inside Your HouseImage result for there's someone inside your house
AUTHOR: Stephanie Perkins
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Makani Young is exiled to live with her grandmother in a small rural Nebraskan town when suddenly people from school are being killed one by one by a mysterious killer on the loose.
GENRE: Young Adult | Contemporary | Horror |

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10 YA Books on My 2018 TBR

It’s true, I haven’t been reading much YA recently. My interests are not solely in the YA genre anymore, but that doesn’t mean there are not exceptions. There will always be exceptions, and I noticed them the other day looking at my bookshelf. Some of them are series I started and haven’t finished and others were anticipated books from last year that I haven’t gotten to yet.

Maybe writing this out will push me to pick up some of these titles.

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5 Books I Want to Read Before the Movie or TV Show

As a person who enjoys reading and lives in a world where almost every movie and every show is based on a book, I try my best to read the books first and then watch the movie. However, that’s not always the case, and to be honest, I’m not super strict about it either. But, there are exceptions, there are book to movie adaptations I refuse to watch until I read the book, and sometimes I do a reread of them before watching the adaptation if I can. So, here’s a list of those books I haven’t read, that I want to read, before I watch their movies or TV shows.

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Life Update #3 – Two Weeks Later

Remember when I went on hiatus? Just two weeks ago? I thought that those two weeks off from blogging would be enough and my life would go back to normal. After all, it was just finals that was stressing me out.

Related image

There is a lot of things going on my life right now. I’m happy to say that they are really great things: I have a better job, I’m graduating from university soon, my family will soon be celebrating a wedding. The only bad thing is that I’ve been called for jury duty. While I’m happy about most of these events taking place in my life they also come with their share of added stress and a lot less free time.

It’s official guys, I’m adulting!

I’m trying to get accustomed to this new work schedule and develop a sensible and productive daily routine, one that will allow me to not only read books but also write blogs to post here. However, that hasn’t happened yet, but I wanted to let you guys know going forward if you see I’m posting less during the week.

To clarify, I am not going on a planned hiatus like last time. Will I be posting less? Perhaps, but I’m not going anywhere any time soon.

With love,

Saily aka the Reading Turtle-Duck