Monthly Movie Wrap Up: June 2018

Boy, have I watched a lot of movies and TV shows this last month. I watched so much that I didn’t want to do this wrap up because I knew it would be a lot, instead I decided to break it up into two blogs; this one about movies, and the other one, that I’m still working on, that’s about the TV shows I’ve watched in June.

Without further ado, here are all the movies I watched in June.


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Monthly Reading Wrap Up: June 2018

I’m a bit late on this wrap up, but like people say, better later than never knowing what I read for June… Oh wait that’s not what people say, but here’s my wrap up anyway!

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Monthly TV Show Wrap Up: June 2018

I watched way too much TV and movies last month, it was way too much to put in one post so earlier this week I talked about the books I read and the movies I watched, so here are the shows I watched. So this means I’m finally done with my June wrap up posts!

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BOOK REVIEW: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

TITLE: Crazy Rich AsiansRelated image
AUTHOR: Kevin Kwan
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: When Rachel goes to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick, she’s ready to meet his family, but she doesn’t know he’s the most eligible millionaire bachelor on the island.
GENRE: Adult | Contemporary | Romance
NOTE: This is the first book in a trilogy and a movie adaptation will be released next month on August 15, 2018.

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The NOPE Book Tag

I found this tag on The Book World and no I wasn’t tagged but I’m going to do it anyway. Being tagged or not has never stopped me before so why should it now? You can find the original tag on A Booktube Book’s channel on YouTube.

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