Monthly Reading Wrap Up: June 2018

I’m a bit late on this wrap up, but like people say, better later than never knowing what I read for June… Oh wait that’s not what people say, but here’s my wrap up anyway!

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BOOK REVIEW: Little Witch by Anna Elizabeth Bennet

Today’s review is going to start with a little story about a 7 year old girl named Saily (aka me). This girl had a teacher who assigned a half hour reading time almost every day before starting class. One day the girl was looking through the stacks of books her teacher had and found a peculiar book titled, Little Witch. Because the girl loved anything and everything that had to do with Halloween, she thought she would give this book a try although it was a pretty big book for her. So she picked up the book, went back to her seat, and started reading. That’s how she fell in love for the first time with a book. So much so, that she asked her teacher if she could take it to lunch a couple of days later. With her teacher’s permission, she took it to lunch and for the first time ignored the world around her and immersed herself in Minx’s world. And thus began a lifetime of reading and (brief) love for fantasy

>>>>>Thirteen Years Later >>>>>

I went to my library and I got the book again. I never read it again since second grade, but I  always remembered it fondly. Little Witch is a children’s book about Minx Snickasnee, a witch’s daughter who doesn’t want to be a witch, instead she wants to go to school and make friends like a normal girl. I remember I was so proud of myself the first time I read it in a week, whereas now I read it in two hours.

Reading it now as a grown up, I can see why it appealed to me as a kid. It’s magical. It had plot twists. I probably thought it was beautiful story too. However, I also see things that as an adult don’t make sense to me and didn’t bother me back then, but I can’t help but laugh about these things now. Like the court scene in this book, it is way too short for it to be realistic. For example, how did grandma take care of five children without a job? In fact, there aren’t many details, but then again what child cares about lawyers and the technicalities of the legal system? Reading that scene I was even thinking about child protective services and the foster care system, all things that kids don’t think about, and I certainly didn’t think about that as a kid.

I also thought the illustrations were horrible. I wish they could reprint the novel with better illustrations that could show the magic of the story.

Seven year old me would have given this a 5/5, but 20 year old me is inclined to give it a 4/5. Mostly, for nostalgia.

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