Monthly Reading Wrap Up: June 2018

I’m a bit late on this wrap up, but like people say, better later than never knowing what I read for June… Oh wait that’s not what people say, but here’s my wrap up anyway!

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DID NOT FINISH #4: Note to Self by Connor Franta

TITLE: Note to Self Image result for note to self
AUTHOR: Connor Franta
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: Connor Franta tells us about his inner thoughts through essays, poetry, and photography.
GENRE: Memoir | Essays | Poetry | Non-Fiction
DNF: Did Not Finish at 37%


DISCLAIMER: Prior to reading this I had no idea who Connor Franta was. And frankly, I’m still not sure. All I know now is that he’s a popular YouTube vlogger, but I’ve never seen his videos and therefore I’m not a fan.

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