Top 5 Wednesday: Hufflepuff (and some Ravenclaw) Pride


Show your Hogwarts House Pride, and tell us the top 5 books that represent your house!

Years ago I took the sorting hat quiz on Pottermore and I was sorted into Hufflepuff. To be honest, I was surprised I wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw, but I quickly embraced my new house and still consider myself a Hufflepuff. Then, Pottermore changed the quiz and I took it again and was newly sorted into Ravenclaw. And surprise, surprise, I was upset because I wasn’t placed into the Hufflepuff House. Again, I’ve had to get used to a new house identity. I still haven’t gotten used to it and that’s why on my Bookstagram bio I describe myself as a “HuffleClaw”. The following are some of my favorite books and shows sorted in my houses… by me.

Hufflepuff Traits: hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play

Ravenclaw Traits: Intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, and originality

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15 Things I Loved from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Despite my mixed feelings about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I did like it. And just to prove it, here is a list of 15 things I liked about it. BUT beware, it’s full of spoilers… and GIFS.

In case you didn’t read my review and you’re wondering what I said, CLICK HERE

1.      Albus Severus Potter is sorted into Slytherin. Whaaaat?

2.      He befriends Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy’s son.

3.      This means Harry’s son is best friends with his nemesis’ son!

Image result for harry potter shocked gif

4.      Scorpius is the Slytherin version of Hermione, and I love it.

5.      Hermione is Minister of Magic but are we really a surprised?

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6.      Draco Malfoy works with Harry, Hermione, and Ron and sort of become friends. It only took 20 years woohoo!

Image result for draco and harry gif

7.      Voldemort had a daughter with Bellatrix Lestrange? Whaaaat? I wrote a fanfiction about that. But now I don’t have proof of it because it’s been lost forever and ever.

8.      Time traveling. It’s cool. It’s convenient. It’s really confusing.

Image result for time turner gif

9.      Every time that alternate Rons and Hermiones were told that they got married in an alternate universe.

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10.  Rebel Hermione and rebel Ron.

11.  I teared up at seeing Severus Snape alive in an alternate world.

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12.  Every time we got to see a character from the books like McGonagall.

13.  I liked seeing how small incidents changed the future dramatically.

14.  I like seeing how Scorpius’s confidence skyrockets after everything that happens.

15.  All the friendships! ALL OF THEM!

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BOOK REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

TITLE: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Image result for harry potter and the cursed child
AUTHOR: J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, & John Tiffany
RATING: mixed feelings.
ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: J.K. Rowling read my fanfiction, watched Avatar, and then made a play about Harry Potter being a dad and his son. Continue reading